Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mike Tyson Vs. Me - Part 3

Me = 4


Mike Tyson = 1

Keep Runnin’
Still in the ring like a rooster without a head
Long is the day ‘till my bones lay on the soft bed
“Knock them out T.K.O. style” Grandmama said
“Keep on keeping on, you’ll rest when your dead
Long is the road from corner office to Club Med
Strive with calculated risk, one eye on the Feds
Mind on the winning prize, plan to shine like a led”
“Grandma, I just want to sleep, find me a bed to wed”
“WHAT DID YOU SAY, SON!” as her eyes turn red
Before her shoe hit my head, with a smile I fled

-- Louis Mercier

PS: In comparison to last month, I'm ahead by three in life's match scorecard. 
Unlike the month of May, I have a "to do" list with its "execution plan".

PS: Two more weeks, seven rounds to go. Let's keep on keeping moving on!

PS: If you find Grandma's shoes on eBay, it wasn't me;)

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