Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Declare War

I declare war,
I declare war on the hands of time
Poetry books without a single rhyme
Liars who always say they are fine
Every luxury car ad without traffic line
The jury who freed Justice for his crime

I declare war on,
The waitress asking me a tip for a lime
Circus Clowns who stopped speaking in mime
The Slave Master who sold my lover for a dime
Whoever added resilience in my wine
On all dreams that can never be mine

I declare war on myself,
the Lime responsible for the previous lines 

being unfulfilled, due to wasting fine time,
drinking wine and writing dime poetry rhymes

-- Louis Mercier

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fear & I

Fear & I

You were wrong
"I am the light"
You were strong
I stayed bright
You paused like a song
I was ready to fight.

-- Louis Mercier

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Caution Tape

Unity as a reality must soon bridge this gape
If life is lived in boundary of a caution tape
How are we to lead a nation back to shape?
Blue blood divides the land of colored apes
Haiti looks to the sky for The Man's red cape
Father gives her resources to be gang raped
Will art awake us from our colonial forced nape?

-- Louis Mercier

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Earl Lucifer's daughter

Good morning world
last night I met a girl
More beautiful then
dreams, diamonds or pearls
Her shy smile, dark skin
made my head turn
With her full rainbow lips
she spoke of peace,
freedom and love
So amazing that my heart twirled
I saw joy kissing happiness
In her almond brown eyes
I swear that my toes curled
"Can't wait to meet her family"
We'll drive south to see her father
Some man by the name of Earl
So long single life world
loneliness, sorry we had to part
I've fallen for daddy's girl

-- Louis Mercier

Monday, September 2, 2013

Wild Rides

Through hills, valley and all the wild rides
On me to depend, a friend by your side
"Time heals all wounds" said my sister when she lied
My best friend is no more, because he died
"How selfish?" Is the question locked deep inside
Why did you have to go and commit suicide?
Emptiness had now filled your place so wide
Your family's mental pain will never subside
Even your dark clouds have ran and cried
Your blood stain will be washed with tide
My permanent tear marks remain, never to hide

-- Louis Mercier