Monday, January 31, 2011

Free - Part 2

"Free your mind and the rest will follow"

-En Vogue

From weak to strong

Resilience of the mind

Empowers the inner soul

Elevating mankind to freedom

-Louis Mercier

Friday, January 28, 2011

Free - Part 1

The compound interest was too hard to swallow

Anxiety penetrated the very core of the bone

X marked the shameful red spot on his back

Multiple mail left unopened and neatly stacked

Avoiding seeing his garnished work wages

Never give up on yourself! You must turn this page

PS: Mr. Snipes, looking forward seeing you smile again on the red carpet of freedom on July 19, 2013. If not sooner!

Until then, keep your mind free, your head up and don't drop any soap ;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dog Life - part 1

Now I lay me down to sleep,
too tired to stand and hustle on my own two feet
I pray the Lord for my soul to keep dreaming;
if I die before I wake, someone must be joking
I pray the Lord to check his glasses,
there's been a humongous mistake ;)

PS: Night, night world!
PS: If you can't be good be GREAT

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jesus Not Lexus

In the name of the all mighty father, and the son

Was he the Holy ghost, a con or just a simple clown

I frown, does anybody remember the name Jesus?

Willis, what are you talking about? Jesus, not Lexus

The man who spoke of heaven in the sky, before he die

No lie, the hated king who wore thorns for his crown

“Forgive them father”, whispering head to the grown

They lacerated “Nigger” on his back without a sound

A lover, walked on man’s river of sins, never drown

Lipstick on his gown, kissed by Judas for a fist of gold

The bible’s greatest story ever told, pain in his tear

2010, his name on every drunk’s lips holding a beer

In the name of peace, justice and equality for all

Soft spoken, Jesus had barely reached six feet tall

The son of God had no gold, looking like a filthy bum

Nailed to the cross like he owned a few atomic bombs

We all shouted in anger: “Terrorist” from here to Venus

Young to the old pointed: “Save Barabbas - kill Jesus”

Like a pregnant teen killing her newly formed fetus

“Tell me why do you fear and hate him with passion?”

Like an Ex’s blue denim jeans that went out of fashion”

Asked Pontius Pilate, puzzled over the crowded mob’s fury

“He claimed to be your friend, born from a virgin Mary

While Joseph, his father, met three kings in the sand”

Jesus Christ, it’s the 21th century, is anyone still a fan?

In the name of the all mighty father, Ching, Ching, Ching!

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas’s eve in 2010

Sudoku book sat on my lap, while holding a black ink pen

“Stuck on the highway”, repeated a parrot named Big Ben

Global warming in the family car, on my skin a perfect tan

I must have been a hero to swear again, with my right hand

Mind control on every channel zero, played on the busted radio

“Half prize super deals” like a song heard all across the land

From women and men, acting like little girls in GAP khaki pants,

Flying up and down the city malls like Tinker Bell in Peter Pan

Outside, brainless zombies lining up from here to Tokyo, Japan

Not a teardrop fell in Mr. Booth donation salvation army can

What are you talking about? The son of David is Red Ferrari

Silly! I know Cadillac, with a price that would give a heart attack

Is it on sale? Will it drive far? What kind a car is Immanuel?

What the Hell? Need glasses? can't you tell? It's a gift for “Me”

“I" will freely spend on electronics, clothes and gold jewelry

Maxing up a Visa and American express credit card, happily”

Soon, a fool will part with his retirement money, 50" HD TV

The greatest life's prediction ever told, they will fold to bankruptcy

Less then six months in misery, hands in prayer, they will all be

In their tears, like Jesus on the cross, they will cry: God, why “Me”?

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Keep On Moving

"if you never quit, you will never fail"

In Richard St. John's book "8 To Be Great", he talks about the 8 key characteristics of successful people, based upon his 10 years of research and 500 personal interviews.

For 2011, with great pleasure, I wish for you all to develop these characteristics found bellow, while advancing on your journey for the pursuit of happiness.

1. Passion - Successful people find what they love to do, though this may take a long time for many.

2. Work - Successful people work very hard; however, because they love their work, it’s fun.

3. Focus - Successful people focus long-term efforts on just one thing.

4. Push - Successful people overcome barriers like shyness and self-doubt and push themselves beyond normal expectations.

5. Ideas - Developing ideas to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities is a hallmark of the successful person.

6. Improve - Successful people aim to do their best by constant practice and learning from mistakes.

7. Serve - Offer others something of value, think about others, work on their behalf.

8. Persist - Success does not come instantly but comes over time and by working through failure, mistakes, criticism, rejection, and adversity.

“Generate IDEAS that SERVE others something of value and that you have PASSION for. PUSH yourself and WORK hard on your idea. PERSIST through failure, criticism, rejection, and pressure. With enough practice, you will become GOOD. Really FOCUS on this plan and you will have success!” - Wayne Gretzky

PS: If you can't be good, be GREAT;)