Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dearest Gmail

Dearest Gmail

Soft as milk and sophisticated as the internet galaxy

Your natural simplicity surpass your programming beauty
Do receive these last words composed in thin air binary
Blue folders in a corner of my mind narrate our story
They romanticize love in a unlimited Gigabytes memory

Picture us living in the comfort of great invented technology

Chatting from sunrise to sundown to feel you near me
Forever linked through push mail on a Curve BlackBerry
If truth be known, my interest for you grew from beta infancy
How I once dreamed of caressing your private inbox key

Total trust to navigate raw no fear of spam delivery

Drafting in the palm of our hands the name of our baby
My laptop labeled me naïve and swore it wasn't jealousy
Warning popped up: "Cherish the day 'till it's gone in jeopardy"
To have loved and lost is to never have touched a Qwerty

Gmail, your mind read: "Louis, I was meant to live free"

The mother board froze so did my heart it wasn't funny
Minutes passed, my mail returned to sender with no apology
"Were you leading me on?" My love was pure to last an eternity
Life without you is living without important yellow stars above me

Each breath of sorrows is like a world without electricity

I blamed myself, like Japan for its outdated nuclear energy
Whoever predicted the dot.com bust knew we were history
He probably said: "Save your patent before the tragedy"
What went wrong? I searched within the sent box repeatedly

Didn't I share everything in CC? I never held secrets in BCC

Maybe I could've corrected every typo I am forever sorry
Maybe you found the password to login my mental diary
My love and my faith was twice tested with sour Infidelity
Though I've leaned on Hotmail my Ex. for moral stability

I would never image leaving you for Yahoo mail's privacy

I've since pulled myself from the trash box like a foreign movie
Since our last e-mail I've achieved success on Youtube TV
Focused my thoughts on forgiveness, avoiding bitter synergy
I bought a house, a pet fish, with stock in Google company

I chose Haiti to call home instead of living in Hawaii

My license plate still reads Gmail on my sky blue Ferrari
I've also met someone who checks my spelling, completes me
The subject of my day and my night, she calls me sexy
She's fierce as water to eradicate women's hopeless misery

My smile is linked to her creative games, they are rather silly

If you happened to read this crucial letter to the end my Lady
Attached is a picture of my first born her name is Poetree
Don't hesitate to write me a reply before the turn of century
Hit send, let me know that you are still happy living free

-- Louis Mercier

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Drunk On Life


Credit card debt has swollen like a gout
A baby boy on the way no time to pout
No job no respect, they've all gone south
When you're way down and almost out
Lace up your boots face a different rout

Tired of hearing shame run his mouth
Be persistent 'till fear stops being a tout
Volume on blast to exhume all doubt
"By any means, I won Mama!" stand and shout
Pop champagne, before life's next bout

-- Louis Mercier

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Father, Son And The Burned Toast

In the name of the father, the son and the burned toast
Praying to the Almighty that I don't believe in, like most
May this urgent prayer travel to your ears by Priority Post

A need for a pair of eyes to parade his ego, madness to boost
Men's selfish insanity has come crawling back home to roost
Curiosity Rover searches for life on Mars, billions dollar cost

On Earth we cultivate hatred for free, children's lives are lost
Science is used as weapon of distraction from coast to coast
"I come in peace" until a profit can be found to brutally hoist
Let thy kingdom come before Martian's flesh burns like toast

-- Louis Mercier

Friday, November 16, 2012

Free To Be

Free to speak
Free to fight
Free to choose
Free to rebel
Free to live
Free to be alive

Free to sing
Free to draw
Free to dance
Free to act
Free to paint
Free to be different

Free to look
Free to flirt

Free to love
Free to ----
Free to giggle
Free to be single

Free to learn
Free to rewrite
Free to read
Free to erase
Free to educate
Free to be open

Free to laugh
Free to pray

Free to dream
Free to believe
Free to win
Free from hurt
Free to be you

-- Louis Mercier

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Who I Am

Looking through the man in the mirror
Who I am born to be isn't any clearer
A mystic XY for the unsolved equation
Who am I? Is an unanswered question

Can I heal as a cactus not a social rant?
To become defiant as a queen red ant
A doctor, a lawyer or a skillful dentist
Not the Antichrist he's no peaceful artist

Sweet time why have you gone so sad?
"Product of abuse" reads on the iPad
Where am I? Who am I? What am I?
When will you ever apologize for a lie?

Looking at the woman in the silhouette
Coming home with a smile from the vet
Like a pound of love missing her dog
Anticipating to be kissed by a bull Frog

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat For Halloween

Trick or treat

Can you guess what halloween costume I have on?
Send your guess and share your great costume ideas at info@louismercier.com

-- Louis Mercier

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Living In Debt

Death, debt and the  morning sun are three things that are certain in life. 

"Therefore, spend life dying to see the sunlight."

-- Louis Mercier

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Beyond infinite thought I can smell it
In a fetus position I need to hear it
Within the belly core I must touch it
The bell of evolution, do you see it?
With my mouth closed I can taste life
Dancing on my tongue, I can feel it

-- Louis Mercier

Friday, October 19, 2012

You (+) Me

You (+) Me 

(-) Government corruption (-) Capitalist greed
(-) Religious lies (-) Media propaganda (-) Cyber bullies 

(=) Universal peace

-- Louis Mercier

Thursday, October 18, 2012

!@#$%^&* Fear

"I came into this world broke and naked,
I'll go out broke with an Armani suit"

-- Louis Mercier

Sunday, October 14, 2012

One Way To Mars

Waving white flag in a war
You can keep the fancy cars
Keep the clothes, the house
The jewelry and the flying stars
My sorrow is left above the bar
Keep the lies, I'm heading to Mars
You had my heart in a secret jar
Away from you I'll keep real far

-- Louis Mercier 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weak Minds

Autumn wind bent to caress the sadness on my face
A child activist fell from her mountain peak

In a world where fear and hate competes for first place
If love is great, the mind of men must be weak

Life, a political card game, ask terror to play its last ace
If violence is the only way, we are mere freaks

Autumn leaves fell to escape the cruelty of our race
A bullet can not silence a voice iron beak

Insects at less respect our rights for education without mace
Learning to read and write, women die to speak

-- Louis Mercier

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hickey First Clue

Red happy hickey on my neck was the first clue

The taste of your right earlobe is a juicy honeydew
My dream came true when I made love to you
Words can't express what skin to skin could do
Slowly opening the gates of Eden with its sky blue
Synchronized our breathing, sweat and other few
"Who's is it!" Kissing the palm of your hand on cue
Making you feel like a school girl, all brand new
It's yours sweety! 'Cause you're my relentless boo
Close your eyes, relax your mind for round two

-- Louis Mercier

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chin up!

Chin up!

When your back is against the wall
When a lover won't return your call
When life's obstacle are way too tall
Whatever you've started always fall

Chin up!

Your health results are too monotone
Worked all weekend tired to the bone
Buried dreams under a corner stone
You can't afford another dunce cone

Chin up!

Two dollars and a prayer is what's left
Your parent's love has gone silent, deft
Your vote, freedom, rights has been theft
Never ever ever ever give up on your self

Chin up!

Shout it with all your might, be loud
Forever humble, focus and proud
An idea planning to move a crowd
Stand up to reach beyond the clouds

Chin up!

-- Louis Mercier

Thursday, September 27, 2012

One With The Yellow School Bus

My mom, my dad and my sister think I'm brown nuts
For a blue engagement ring, my piggy bank went bust
Madly in love with the driver of my yellow school bus
Always on time to sit on green chair is more then just lust
On weekends, holidays and grey vacation my smile cuts
Dark skinned, cat eyes, her free laughing spirit is a plus
On red lights my lips dream, like a broom dreams of kissing dust
Turning eleven this month and to marry Ms. Purple it's a must
Age is nothing but a pink number, I can't let my heart rust

-- Louis Mercier

Monday, September 24, 2012

Free Riot

Sex, Guns and Six Strings

A seed of love grew from an embryo to a little man
With three child supports, he does the best he can
For English, Math and homework he wasn't a fan
Sexual molestation from his Aunt's lonely hands
Shattered his dreams to play lead guitar in a band
A part-time job pays for a gun at the neighbor's klan
Killing Mr. Rivera the bank manager wasn't in the plan
Love seed alerts the cop before sitting in the getaway van
Lethal injection for Mme Rivera's fake tears falls on her tan
Heading for the Mexican boarder with a Gibson in his hand
Witness protection letter makes renewed life a perfect ten

-- Louis Mercier

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A La Carte With Red

To life, love and longevity

Global warming is the heat radiating from my heart
Finger licking good is the O2 on my plate a la carte
On time, with ironed recycled clothes, played my part
Pure water my date, her spring glow is a work of art
Fun in a smoke free environment, time flies like a dart
Anticipating her leaf perfumed hug as we come apart

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Religion Of Sorrows

Sometimes it feels like I reside in a bubble
Where peace and love live within, no trouble
Around me I see religion turning joy to rubble
Killing innocent to avenge insults has doubled
Hate, terror, sufferance is the new food label
Allah and God can't speak at the round table
Justice not vengeance needs growth from stubble
"Two wrongs don't make a right" is still in the bible

-- Louis Mercier

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ms. Life

Music please 'cause the days are long
I am blessed just like in a reggae song
To start all over again can't be wrong
Keep my spirit up, got to stay strong 

Ms. Life is hitting hard like ping pong
No need to run, hide or smoke a bong
Wild orchid covers my path in a throng
Before my last bell strikes ding dong
My mind strength is built like King Kong
To stand up and fight is where I belong

-- Louis Mercier

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pick Me Roy

To call "me" your girlfriend is a dream
Pick me because I am a sexual toy
Riddled with ultra low self esteem
A kiss from your lips provides joy
I imagine playing in a winning team
And begged to fall in love with Roy 
Jealousy always made him scream
For my weakness is a chocolate boy
To feel noticed and loved like cream
Free hard liquor born as milk of soy
Never leave me, stay strong as a beam

Choose "me" father I'm your broken toy
Life so far has been great like a dream
Since I've fought asthma it's been a joy
My mother and I play in the same team
Kept my promise to have fun like a boy 
Lately my spirit tastes like almond cream
Even if my heart has been broken by Leroy
I refused to let it drag down my self esteem
"Days will never meet nights", said Ms Soy
"Once cleared, the dark clouds so mean,
You and Roy will unite like laser beam"

-- Louis Mercier

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Have A Nice Day

"Live for today" are words from a sage
The day breaks with rain on the page
See corner hustlers on minimum wage
Shopping bags to show debt its age
A yellow cab halts in a honking rage
Hear loud mice living in borough cage

-- Louis Mercier

PS: Dedicated to Mike and his pit bull Biggie, 
who couldn't cross the boarder. Keep strong bro!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Dey

Where ever soca music playin, We dey
Flags swaying, We dey
Drinks sharing, We dey
We partying for today today
Good vibes flowing, We dey
Nuff luv showing, We dey
De Ladies glowing, We dey
Kadooment Day, for sure We dey
Carnival Monday, You know We dey
Pun Eastern Parkway 
We dey We dey We dey

-- Mr. Dale