Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who Let The Love Out?

A response to wife's letter.

Dearest wife of mine, it’s you that I thank

You’ve tripled investments in our sex bank

At first sight, “Te amo mi amor!” wasn’t a prank

Shopaholic you're not, our debt remains blank

Your courage and devotion is built like a tank

Stress make you crank, shouting often stank

Our issues walked hastily the marriage's plank

A best friend to the end, you’re my #1 rank

--Louis Mercier

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Black Love

Special dedication for the month of February. Ever since that I could remember, you kept uniting nations, hope and dreams through Valentine day and celebrating courage, pride and inventions through the Black History Month. And those two events found in your calender year will forever remain special in our hearts.

Dearest husband of mine, it is you I thank

For the respect and memories in my soul bank

You are much more handsome than Cool Hank

At first date, I though you were a Cupid’s prank

Your passion for this family is built like a tank

To always speak frank, your humor may stank

My World Heavyweigh love for you is #1 rank

-- Louis Mercier

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Out of a million billion

Let there be one

Mind, body, soul equals fun

With life’s wisdom and pun

Smile brighter then the sun

Fear, anger, misery is none

Ms. anxiety-free virgin nun

Self-respect is more powerful

then a jealous loaded gun

From insecurity been on the run

Patience of Job I’ve now won

‘Till my last breath is done

Before my pine kingdom come

Let my eyes bestow

On that special ONE

-- Louis Mercier

PS: Allen and Violet Large didn't have much money before they won $11.25 Million. They gave it all away. "Why spend money when you already have everything you need?" -- The Globe and Mail Nov. 4th 2010

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Black In

Please! Have you, you or you seen her?
I beg, anyone seen my cellphone charger?
My God, where can she be I wonder
Black electric smile, light like a feather

First, look in my work bag, I thought
This one is special, can't be bought
Look again under the bed, ready or not
Where? Where can she be? I worry allot

6 hours, 5 min. 4 sec. and counting
My heart skips a beat, seen frowning
1/2 a bar on the BB cellphone left dieing
1/2 of me gave up crying to keep searching

If anyone seen her standing on a corner
Tell her to come home to make it better
Stay away from Ebay and pawnshop teller
The end, nothing more to say but: "Later!"

The sun will surely rise again tomorrow
Sending you a gift wrapped with a bow
Fond kisses filled with bittersweet sorrow
Kind memories of you will surely grow

PS: Can't believe I lost my cell phone charger;)

-- Louis Mercier