Thursday, August 30, 2012

Y Leap

Just a poet armed with the alphabet's Y
A lid flap unconditionally above my eye 
To smile and nod while my people die
I could never be a leader and tell a lie 
The type to sweat in a suit and red tie
Just a lonely dreamer 'cause I am shy
A mahatma who dares to ask Syria why
One day, I still believe, I could leap and fly
Write a masterpiece printed golden in the sky
For nations to embrace pacifism with "Hi!"
A motivational piece waving pangs good bye
Races living in a world to share ideas and rye

-- Louis Mercier

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Answer

"You will learn by asking questions,
You can learn even more by listening to the answers"

-- Louis Mercier

Sunday, August 26, 2012

One Hour

"An hour will rejoice to live a minute 

for happiness to have last more then a second."

-- Louis Mercier

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The message

God is a word within when your home is the bible. 
Man is the church, divided religion and made life dependable.

Love is a child's joy playing sand marbles. 
Man is sex, a requirement to feel notice when life is miserable.

Wet dreams is the mind at work when we can't afford cable.
Man is a nightmare avarise boss who told Kane to kill Able.

The message is clean and simple, it can be read in any fable:
"Man is a book of law, for power, money and fame turns matter into ruble".

-- Louis Mercier

Friday, August 24, 2012

Soul Travel

"In a life time, we travel the world to discover 1,023 colorful cultures. 
We seldom travel our soul to uncover 230,100 colors as gift to the world"

-- Louis Mercier

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dumb Blonde

Life is a box of shame beneath the sun
I had one problem, you weren't the one
Your personality had them on the run
I saw caring, they saw a dumb blonde
I saw past tears the colors of your thong
Leaning on me when lying wasn't fun
I leaned on you when my Ex- was gone
We danced when the condoms were done
Fear of judgment erased all of our fun
Forced my breath 'till there was none
You believed in hell with a loaded gun
Mental illness took away our last Nun
See you in my dreams with a box of pun

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's my name?

I've been on the run since the age of twenty-two
A persona of a lion to conquer fear with a bold coup
I've utilized my mindset before pills made me coucou
Baptized a resilient rebel for the betterment of "Nous"

I've fled the nest to become a man from my family's zoo
Call me Mr. Disorganized still got a lot more to do
I've felt true love the day my eyes made love to you
Dived in life's torrid water after training in liquid poo

I've fought unions bureaucracy without a plan or a clue
Ebony skin wasn't enough to call you my wife, boo
I've sold my blood for a lonely nickel to rise brand new
For the power of ideas, I'll be a visionary too

I've fed my hunger by cooking books in canned stew
Give him the frustrated cow, I'll satisfy my own moo
I've had suicidal thoughts to romance pain, isn't true
Hi-five! If you knew his name was Jimmy not Lou
I've remained grounded with a smile, covered in blue

I am me.

What's my name?

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear Mr. X,

Dear Mr. X,

A man shot seven eggs in a crowd, didn't blink
Each egg carried my initials with a red lipstick
Dear Mr. X, this letter is written with my blood ink
May every words be your motivational a** kick

Too much tears have been poured for the turf to drink
How many more killings will make you react or think?
Will my own death be enough to stop turning t****?
Night and day, bow down to no men's crooked d***

To serve and protect our 99% election votes are link
Stand against the 1% who profits from eggs, with a stick
Fight to end nucleus flying over our playground rink
Stop tax payer's funds to regulate the cola we drink

Diabetes ain't the only curse making us die sick
A report on bystanders injured list is still this thick
Knowledge has placed a foot print on the moon's kink
Between legislation and illegal egg sales there's a brick

Governments must have stakes in roe market, it click
While cutting my hair over the bathroom white sink

You smell ovum smoke without a match, does it click?
Innocent children's bodies for coroners to cotton pick

Holding a cookies 'n cream ice cream cone to lick
A woman shot a dozen
 eggs in a crowd, no wink
An egg has your loved ones ID with a black lipstick
Wasn't my own blood enough for you to act or think?

-- Louis Mercier