Monday, May 31, 2010

When Eyes Meet: Final Chapter: Amen

"Even when my hustling days are gone
Memories of you, by my side, still holding on
Even when my dices stop spinning
And all those gold-digging women disappear
I know you'll still be near"

Let’s assume for a minute you didn’t know me, as you peruse through this blog. You may conclude that I was a bloodthirsty hooligan dressed in dark clothes, black shades and concealing sharp canine teethes behind my lip sealed smile. As you read deeper through each line, you would probably see a dark opaque cloud hovering above my halo. I dare you to take a second look. In less then an hour’s conversation, you would soon learn that I’m nothing more then a missed understood loving cub and not this fighting black panther roaring behind my words. “Your constant brushes with the Eve’s of the world didn’t help but paint a different image of your true self, my son.” said my grand-father over the cell phone as I boarder a flight heading South-West. He then added: “ If you can’t beat them, you MUST make peace before it’s too late for your soul.”

Haft way across North America in the Great Plains, I met Eve in a large bison skinned tipi. She had beautiful facial features and walked with elegance. My hypnotic gaze or my confused mind almost forgot the real reason of this trip. She appeared shorter then I had expected, yet she was built like an amazon warrior as she advanced to greet me. An awkward gift exchanged followed while being surrounded by her women bodyguards, we sat immediately to smoke on the peace pipe.

Eve spoke very little in the tent. In few exchanges, she had asked me to refrain from writing about her in my blog, I reckon that I was hurting her malicious mission by enlightening readers on self-esteem, the pursuit of happiness within or on their side effects from being insecure. “I would do anything, that you want me to do” I replied. Eve smiled, before she could inhale on the peace pipe, I added: “You have my body and you want my soul, no can’t do that. In exchange for my writhing, I ask for you to set my soul free”. After a moment of hesitation, she looked at me with great intensity and whispered: “Why?" "Why must I release this soul, since it was sacrificed in order to save the world?” “With due respect, Eve, I wish to breath again. I can’t save a single child or even the world, if I can’t save my own self in the process.” In-between laughter, Eve had mentioned: “No need to talk about it, Mr. Mercier, you have my promise. Now go! Upon your return, your soul will be set free”.

Waiting for instructions to board my plane heading back home, I notice a blue card stored in my passport and it read: “To my true love”. I looked all around the waiting area before opening the sealed envelope with caution and excitement.

It read:

Dear Luis,

More precious then McDonald’s golden fry
Golden tears inside I cry
Reminiscing each day gone bye
Just yesterday, I though you said hi
As we lay, you held me close like a tie
The night was young, levitating so high
You within me made me sigh
Felt so good like no other guy
Where homophobic angles dread to fly
We ate medium slices of a pizza pie
Under drizzling rain, in a park, we sat still dry
Can we rekindle? Can we try?
Can we erase the hurt through the lie?
Aigh! It aches to be out of time
I believe broken wings can still fly
My feelings still sparkles in my eye
Something inside, so strong, didn't have to die
Love was too resilient to now say goodbye
Out of words, out of luck, out of sight. Oh, my!
More then just a line: "I'll missed you!"

PS: 10 reasons why my feelings for you grew beyond the clouds.
  1. Your kindness/Generosity
  2. Courage & Perseverance
  3. Super funny
  4. Soooo sexy
  5. Concern for others
  6. Willingness/Desire to help
  7. Intelligence
  8. Patience
  9. Non-materialistic
  10. Because you are you. God loves you, so I do too... Stay focus!

Upon a late arrival at the airport, where this journey first started, I immediately regained my soul. Furthermore, in the process of regaining my precious soul, I felt even more confused while still clutching on the card. "Eve, where do you dare me to draw the line?" I asked myself in a troubled peace of mind, "I will do anything that you want me to do, but I can't keep loosing my soul. I'll say no and go". "Until our path meets again, may we learn from our failures, missed communications, insecurities and bad luck in our timing. Until then, may we walk tall in pursuit of happiness, walk proud and keep walking fearlessly as we keep improving our selves!

Truly yours,

Louis " loved more then tears will ever show" Mercier

Saturday, May 29, 2010

When Eyes Meet: Part Three : One voice

“...I wouldn't care if you were a prostitute, and that you hit every man that you ever knew. You see it wouldn't make a difference if that was way before me and you. And you don't ever have to worry about me, as long as you keep it real. Whatever is on your mind, you speak on how you feel. Stay truthful to me, never lie to me, and don't ever keep no secrets. No matter whatever, Girl, you know what I mean.”

--- Musiq Soulchild

“Must be nice”, once said Lyfe Jennings, to find true love in our lifetime. He then added: “Having someone who understands the life you live, having someone who's slow to take and quick to give. Must be nice, having someone who sticks around when the rough times get thick, someone who's smile is bright enough to make the projects feel like a mansion. Must be nice, having someone who loves you despite your faults, having someone who talks the talk but also walks the walk. Must be nice, having someone who understands that a thug has feelings too. Someone who loves you for sho'...”

Like if I never left this living room, I am right back where I started. All through the night, my fingers anticipated the warm touch of this laptop's keyboard. My eyes were wide awake, in the dark bedroom, like a convict yearning to see the sunlight caressing his tattoos as I kept tossing and turned, just like a Mother-to-be aching to hold her Haitian adoptive newborn child. However, my breathing is the only obvious difference from yesterday, it grew heavier like a old rusted roman gladiator ready to reclaim his past glory with blood in his eyes. “It’s you and me, and there can only be one standing...” as I crack each fingers ready to set my blazing mind free with each clicking letters from the keyboard. “It’s you and me, Eve’s of the world” and only lack of time to get back doing my work stands between us. Until then, with a respectful smile, I say: “It’s on, let the truth set us free”.

Hello “Love”,

It’s me again dearest sweet love, previously we’ve unearth that the first step to reach your loving arms was to set our sight on a relationship journey instead of an anxious destination point. Our defiant second step, taken up the love later, was to secure time to love our self first. Before even thinking of sharing our mind, body and soul with another prospective soul mate, one needs to wash away childhood stain behaviours, seal in a goodbye kiss the hurt and pain from previous unhealthy relationship experiences. Why must you compare him/her with her/him? Wasn’t the past meant to stay in the past? Will we forever remain a slave, hauling on our bag of issues from one abominable relationship to the next? Have you asked yourself, lately, who am I? Better days are ahead child, keep your head up, heaven in the sky is shown to just be a peaceful state of the mind. And keep asking yourself, do I start to love myself, first, or keep running on empty for someone else to do it for me?

Without any particle order the next steps up the later consist of these essential features. True love is:

Planning: Within a loving relationship, plan to leave a legacy behind of your actions in love for the next generation to keep learning from.

Survival: Whether you know it or not, a cat won’t mate with another cat with a broken leg. Then, why wish to be with someone who takes advantage of your trust, negative mental attitude, is disrespectful, selfish, a chronic con artist liar or a faithful disciple of the insecure club? Isn’t life dramatic enough with its own twists and turns? Do you need more drama in your life? Beauty in life still remains even with its ups and downs, add color in yours by choosing the right mate who will go the distance by your side. Until that day come, be content by yourself and be grateful for family and friends for company.

Self-discipline: Does it make sense? How can Mary Magdalene affirm she truly love St-Luc, yet still keeping an intimate sexual bound with St-Paul? Is self-discipline achievable when in love? How many nights must St-Peter spend at the watering hole, before his wife starts shedding tears? So simple, yet we neglect to acknowledge the consequence of our own selfish actions.

Choice: Love is knowing what you really want, and have the choice to chase it or letting it past you by.

Nutrition: Too much fast food will lead you to depression. Junk nutrition will hurt your pocket book as well as your body organs. Take time for yourself and learn to cook. your body is your temple, maintain with a balance meal from the four food groups. Your sex life will thank me later! ;)

Patience: Love is a journey, take patience with each other in every task. However, patience doesn’t mean wasting time either.

Good communication: Take notice that good was mention and not great. There will always be missed communication or a breakdown in the signals. Whether in a blog, verbal, none verbal or in a posted letter. Whether in your actions, via words on the phone or in a poem, do your best to communicate. Let your mate know what is lodge in your heart, your actions and in your mind. The more communication is shared between the two lovers, smother the up hill climb towards true love will become. Can someone please explain the difference between “being in love with you and loving you”? or having “a friend” “a special friend” “a girl/boyfriend” or a “wife/husband”? To me ain’t no difference within these self imposed title or play on words, ‘cause when he/she is gone, the tears will flow just the same regardless or the word of choice. Ain’t it a crying shame, missed communication will lead a person who made you laugh, make you cry. Communicate! Talk the talk and follow with walking the walk.

Positive energy: Show positive karma together, alone or in a group. Think, believe and achieve positive aura daily.

Trust: In my observations, an insecure jealous person is 98% the one who will commit an affair. Ain’t it funny! So, set example with your own actions not your just your loving words. Ovoid doing onto others what you wouldn’t want done on to you. Lead by actions, too. Place trust on to yourself, by walking a straight line, and pray that your partner will take notice and follow too.

Sex: Read “When Eyes Meet: Part two”

Smile: Smile, laugh and live stress free together daily, is what Dr. Love orders.

Be grateful: Tomorrow is never promised, yesterday is long gone, as you must remain grateful for today. For each hour, good actions, kind words, etc. be grateful within and for each moments spent together.

Exercise: Good health simulates good mental health, equals a peaceful mind set. Exercise even alone, but it's much more fun together.

Caring: Like a mother’s touch, be near and alert to bring the love back to a healthy peace of mind. Never be too far for a hug, a kiss or a phone call to your man/woman.

Faithful: Real love is blinding, it places a blindfold for you to only have eyes for each other.

Etc: ...

Peace of the mind: The last step of love has to be a maintained peace of the mind within a lasting loving relationship.

To all the Eve’s of the world, including the one that lives inside me, we both can lay down our mask and come to a truce with the naked truth stated above. We both have better things to do with our time then to battle. Use your new found knowledge powers for good, young Jedi, as I will do the same. Must be on my way, must returning to my calling. Like Whitney Houston would sing and say: “...I hope life treats you kind, and I hope you have all you've dreamed of and I wish you joy and happiness. But, above all this, I wish you (piece of the mind) (true) love*”.

* ;)

---To be continued.

When Eyes Meet: Part Three : A+ Student

Love, so many people use your name in vain.

Those who have faith in you sometimes go astray.
Through all the ups and downs, the joys and hurts,
for better or worse, I still will choose you first

--- Musiq Soulchild

Hello my dearest “Love”,

Like Mr. Bill Withers would say: “Hello like before I guess it's different 'cause we know each other now. I guess I've always known we'd meet again somehow, so it might as well be now...”

Hello “Love”, I don't claim to be an "A" student, but I'm your devoted pupil from the University of the school of hard knocks. As I traveled along my journey's life road, I acquired extensive knowledge of the meaning of true love from other people's relationship stories, in countless books, romantic motion pictures or even from my own proud relationship life’s story.

During my Ph. D. studies at the University, with divine patience to observe, feel, taste, hear and at time to smell, I had the pleasure to retain the most crucial information given to me on the first day of class: “Real love is a journey, not a destination.” As we too often limit the act of love to a heart’s feeling or sexual need, real love amalgamate the element of hard work, truth, determination, touch, commitment, communication, passion, trust, and piece of the mind. After one week, three months, one year, five years, etc. you can’t truly claim being in the presence of love, if the listed elements from above were awry. The same ideology is applied where love can’t be attain in a set deadline and expect to remain, for example: “It has been three months now she must be in love with me” “I guess that I'm her boyfriend, since it has been ten days of courtship and no arguments” “Why won’t he commit, I’ve been loving him now for fifty-three weeks?”. Aretha Franklin best described love in a journey that appears and disappears with no time frame due to its see saw motion, she sings: “Your love is like a see saw, baby, going up and down, all around”. As for me, I agree to add that true love doesn’t exist in a time allotment, a signed marriage certificate, a self imposed relationship title or in a diamond ring. It dwells in the sparkling moment observed by the faithful eye, secured actions, a beautiful mind and a unselfish heart to be shared over time.

Tell me, have you seen her? Have you found the love within? Because it is similar to building a home. First prerequisite for constructing a domicile, you must beforehand design a blueprint. Whereas in love, the first three vital requirement is knowing, accepting, and loving oneself. If you can’t love yourself, first, your architectural plan for “Real love” in a productive relationship stands on quick sand, bound for failure with each passing day. Too often men and women take flight from one relationship to another in search of themselves. They take odyssey from a lover to lovers in search for someone's interest to make them feel wanted and alive. They cultivate an appetite to feel normal like anyone of their closes friends, that “Why not me, too?” syndrome fuels their insecurity as they long for the same magical moment shared between betrothed. Such men or women explore their self worth through the gaze of someone else’s smile, they fear loneliness and revert to God, lies, alcoholism or materialism for courage to not run and hide from their childhood weaknesses. Heavy make-up to cover their real inner pain, dress provocatively just to be notice in a crowed place. Too often, they will tirelessly trust their body as bait ahead of their shining personally, prone to indulge in promiscuous unprotected sexual relationships just to feel cared for. They would effortlessly say: I love “YOU” when deep down a few of them really mean: “Love ME, please!

Tell me, how deep is your love? Do you recognize the reflection in the mirror? Dry does loneliness fears and tears, have you lately stopped to love yourself within? Start today, be strong, don't you ever fall to the wrong side of the tracks. Hugs and a smile!

--- To be continued.

Monday, May 24, 2010

When Eyes Meet: Part Two : Faith - Love & Sex

Believe it or not, I have spent 30 minutes looking for this book. The message that I wish to enlighten my faithful readers in the second part of "When eyes meet" wouldn't be complete if I didn't include a passage by Napoleon Hill from his book "Think and Grow Rich".

He says: "The emotions of faith, love and sex are the most powerful of all the major positive emotions." Love is, without question, life's greatest experience. It brings one into communion with Infinite Intelligence. When mixed with the emotions of romance and sex, it may lead one far up the ladder of creative effort. The emotions of love, sex, and romance, are sides of the eternal triangle of achievement-building genius.

The human mind responds to stimuli, through which it may be "keyed up" to high rates of vibration, known as enthusiasm, creative imagination, intense desire, etc. The stimuli to which the mind responds most freely are:

1. The desire for sex expression
2. Love
3. A burning desire for fame, power, or financial gain, money
4. Music
5. Friendship between either those of the same sex, or those of the opposite sex.
6. A Master Mind alliance based upon the harmony of two or more people who ally themselves for spiritual or temporal advancement.
7. Mutual suffering, such as that experienced by people who are persecuted.
8. Auto-suggestion
9. Fear
10. Narcotics and alcohol. 

Sex, alone, is a mighty urge to action, but its forces are like a cyclone—they are often uncontrollable. When the emotion of love begins to mix itself with the emotion of sex, the result is calmness of purpose, poise, accuracy of judgment, and balance.

When driven by his desire to please a woman, based solely upon the emotion of sex, a man may be, and usually is, capable of great achievement, but his actions may be disorganized, distorted, and totally destructive. When driven by his desire to please a woman, based upon the motive of sex alone, a man may steal, cheat, and even commit murder. But when the emotion of LOVE is mixed with the emotion of sex, that same man will guide his actions with more sanity, balance, and reason. Love, Romance, and Sex are all emotions capable of driving men to heights of super achievement. Love is the emotion which serves as a safety valve, and insures balance, poise, and constructive effort. When combined, these three emotions may lift one to an altitude of a genius.
Memories of love never pass. They linger, guide, and influence long after the source of stimulation has faded. There is nothing new in this. Every person, who has been moved by GENUINE LOVE, knows that it leaves enduring traces upon the human heart. The effect of love endures, because love is spiritual in nature. The man who cannot be stimulated to great heights of achievement by love, is hopeless—he is dead, though he may seem to live.

Even the memories of love are sufficient to lift one to a higher plane of creative effort. The major force of love may spend itself and pass away, like a fire which has burned itself out, but it leaves behind indelible marks as evidence that it passed that way. Its departure often prepares the human heart for a still greater love. Go back into your yesterdays, at times, and bathe your mind in the beautiful memories of past love. It will soften the influence of the present worries and annoyances. It will give you a source of escape from the unpleasant realities of life, and maybe—who knows?—your mind will yield to you, during this temporary retreat into the world of fantasy, ideas, or plans which may change the entire financial or spiritual status of your life.

If you believe yourself unfortunate, because you have "loved and lost," perish the thought. One who has loved truly, can never lose entirely. Love is whimsical and temperamental. Its nature is ephemeral, and transitory. It comes when it pleases, and goes away without warning. Accept and enjoy it while it remains, but spend no time worrying about its departure. Worry will never bring it back.

Fortunate is the husband whose wife understands the true relationship between the emotions of love, sex, and romance. When motivated by this holy triumvirate, no form of labor is burdensome, because even the most lowly form of effort takes on the nature of a labor of love. It is a very old saying that "a man's wife may either make him or break him," but the reason is not always understood. The "making" and "breaking" is the result of the wife's understanding, or lack of understanding of the emotions of love, sex, and romance.
Despite the fact that men are polygamous, by the very nature of their biological inheritance, it is true that no woman has as great an influence on a man as his wife, unless he is married to a woman totally unsuited to his nature. If a woman permits her husband to lose interest in her, and become more interested in other women, it is usually because of her ignorance, or indifference toward the subjects of sex, love, and romance. This statement presupposes, of course, that genuine love once existed between a man and his wife. The facts are equally applicable to a man who permits his wife's interest in him to die. Married people often bicker over a multitude of trivialities. If these are analyzed accurately, the real cause of the trouble will often be found to be indifference, or ignorance on these subjects.

Man's greatest motivating force is his desire to please woman! The hunter who excelled during prehistoric days, before the dawn of civilization, did so, because of his desire to appear great in the eyes of woman. Man's nature has not changed in this respect. The "hunter" of today brings home no skins of wild animals, but he indicates his desire for her favor by supplying fine clothes, motor cars, and wealth. Man has the same desire to please woman that he had before the dawn of civilization. The only thing that has changed, is his method of pleasing. Men who accumulate large fortunes, and attain to great heights of power and fame, do so, mainly, to satisfy their desire to please women. Take women out of their lives, and great wealth would be useless to most men. It is this inherent desire of man to please woman, which gives woman the power to make or break a man. 

The woman who understands man's nature and tactfully caters to it, need have no fear of competition from other women. Men may be "giants" with indomitable will-power when dealing with other men, but they are easily managed by the women of their choice. Most men will not admit that they are easily influenced by the women they prefer, because it is in the nature of the male to want to be recognized as the stronger of the species. Moreover, the intelligent woman recognizes this "manly trait" and very wisely makes no issue of it.

Some men know that they are being influenced by the women of their choice— their wives, sweethearts, mothers or sisters— but they tactfully refrain from rebelling against the influence because they are intelligent enough to know that NO MAN IS HAPPY OR COMPLETE WITHOUT THE MODIFYING INFLUENCE OF THE RIGHT WOMAN. The man who does not recognize this important truth deprives himself of the power which has done more to help men achieve success than all other forces combined.

... To be continued.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

When Eyes Meet

Good morning!

It has been a while since I last penned a new entry in the world wide web's blog. My deepest apology, since I never was too far or meant to stay away for so long. The soul of a lion was bent, never broken. Can't keep a lion down forever. I am pleased to break silence with a reflection on: "Love at first sight".

Do I believe the Montreal Canadian has a chance of dethroning the infamous Philadelphia Flyers? Yes! Go Habs Go!
Do I believe in the beginner's luck or the sun shall rise again tomorrow? Yes
Do I believe world peace is achievable in my life time or the next? Yes
Do I believe in "Love at first sight"? Hmmm!

During my absence from writing, while in transition from point Z to point A, S, H and back to A or just sitting down catching my breath, I found myself observing Torontonian's couples and fantasising on how they possibly met. Eharmony's picture? At work? Craig's List relationship column? At a house party? Or via a friend of a friend? "Was it love at first sight that drove them to be together?" I asked myself for each couple that held hands walking, shared a goodbye kiss on the train or argued in frustration over idiocy in the bus shelter.

There are millions of single people who will roam the street pavements this summer, when four eyes will meet will it be love at first sight? I sincerely believe in the power of the message that promptly is transmitted from the eyes to the brain upon meeting a possible mate. In micro seconds, the eyes registers the body type of our girl/boy friend to be. Height, shape, skin color, hair, eyes, lips, legs, breast and not to forget the famous derrière. If the brain has logged in the correct overall body type that we are accustom to prefer, due to our reproductive needs and sexual instinct, the eyes will continue its admiring gaze and keep dispatching with the brain by observing the body language in the given location, the style of clothing choice and their color arrangement, etc.

The myriad of positive response will trigger our brain's acquiescence, which will lead us on the path to physical attraction. Can this carnal admiration, from a distance, instantaneously become true love without any exchange of spoken words? No! I am sorry to say, in my precious book of life, there is no such thing as love at first sight. Then what is Love AKA "true love"?

... To be continued.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Enough Is Enough : Final Chapter

“Dedicated to Me”

“May he without insecurity cast the first stone.” Show me a man without insecurity, I’ll show you a man in denial. Since the beginning of time, “Insecurity” has been binding us to our own inner fears while manipulating our actions like a puppet on a string. We constantly walk the Earth in fear of something or another. Fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of loneliness, fear of death, etc. My own personal fears are found in the fear of change and fear of an outlook for the future.

If we took the time to analyze our actions we will certainly find a direct link to our own inner insecurity. For example, let us break down Greed and Lust:

“I need to buy a 3D television out of fear my family won’t think that I’m cheap”. “I want t0 wear every color of this brand of clothing to feel sexy and ovoid being rejected by men” or "New house needs new appliance, honey!”. Without any self control of those type of inner voices, the more we will consume, greed will soon take over our lives.

Due to past heart breaks, after being dumped in a previous relationship, a person then to migrate from one relationship to another as soon as he/she feels an interest in the eyes of a future (or past) lover out of fear of being left all alone. Our insecure mind deceived us to acquire plastic surgery, $900 pair of jeans, apply too much make up or be a slave to fake hair extensions in order to be desired in a relationship. A billion dollars industry has been generating profit from insecurity. Too often, people missed the big picture with their current lover, to seek extramarital affairs on dating website sites, at work or at the clubs. Love yourself first, be your own best friend first before sharing yourself with others. Lust will soon take over your life to fill the gape over fear of loneliness.

“Dedicated to Poetree

So often we hear: “I know, I know that I’m insecure”. Knowledge is power. But, real strength is found in facing our fears with actions and overthrowing negative thoughts one day at a time. As for myself, I am not abashed for my own insecurities. I just refuse to let it drag me to the grown. From this day forward, toe to toe and blow for blow, within, I will conquer my insecurities. It is said, the pen is mightier than the sword, I chose to write on this subject in hopes that others will join in the fight within themselves.

“Dedicated to Lyons”

“God will always help you throughout your life, before you ask him for any help try to help yourself first. Try your hardest and never give up.”

“Dedicated to you”

“We both know the truth, now it’s our chance to set our mind free”. In this writing journey, I could only lead you to the river, I can’t force you to look at yourself through its reflections.

Take great care, as I will do the same. Keep fighting the good fight, never give up on a good thing: Yourself. You will never know how amazing you were to me, and how my actions spoke louder then words. I did care, enjoyed your presence and looked forward for a happy future together. I pray that we will both be forever blessed with continued enlightenment in seeking happiness while avoiding future mistakes due to inner “Insecurity”. United we shall continue to stand and bring everlasting peace throughout our path. Life is too precious to be wasted when the power to improve is at arms reach.

Antidote to fighting insecurity, in our lives, use it well:

  1. Exercise
  2. Believe in yourself
  3. Positive mindset
  4. Be grateful
  5. Proper rest and sleep
  6. Good nutrition habits
  7. Engage in social activity
  8. Water consumption daily
  9. Smile
  10. Find something to laugh about, each day
  11. Maintain a hobby to avoid depression
  12. Plan your life a day, a month and a year at a time
  13. Etc.

PS: Pray in keeping being fearless ;)