Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mme. Estelle

Inside of me
I feel so free
How can it be?
Must be Chanel
Must be your spell
Mme. Estelle
Seen from Miles
A divine Dior style
Calm as the Nile
My Louis Vuitton buckled
A Cartier twinkle
In my eye

I ask myself YSL
Me, who is Miu Miu mild
A mother's loving child
Being driven so wild
Not even a single clue
What is it that you do
To feel so Gucci over you?

--Louis Mercier

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dow Insects

Dow Insects

You don't read, listen, trust or say bonjour
Look how rage has turned the living sour
To pick the shortest diamond straw for Club Boor
Just to be rich, no more I rather be filthy poor
Tossed my wallet to flee through the West door
Was bitten by Dow insects at the very core
Living and breathing stocks what's it all for?
Our respect has been stuck on level four
Slave for investments like a $0.10 whore
Mr. Heartless dissect race with blood to pour
Mme Haiti imports luxury tanning bed galore
As we idolize swag from ceiling to the floor
To be rich no more I rather speak to the poor
Left millions to touch lives of billions on tour
Ate pineapple for breakfast by the seashore
I felt nuclear rain seeping through my pours
For a 1 world artist unification clap for encore
Made in N. korea freedom pill we want more
The love remedy now band at the drug store

-- Louis Mercier

PS: Retrieved my wallet to become rich again, 
to arm great minds with pens behind enemy line 
to fight the system who is holding swords.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Water, food or shelter is barely her half
Her pulse fuels my creative mind with rife
Music has been a companion all my life
Marching together to the beat of a fife
Her cadence grooves my stress with a knife
In human flesh I want you for my sweet wife

-- Louis Mercier

Friday, June 14, 2013


On other faces all I see is you
My day dream is filled with you
The cornea anticipates seeing you
Arms gesture mimic holding you
Porn is pointless without you
Imagine whispering I love you
Breast cancer never chose you
A second bell for me and you

-- Louis Mercier

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Louis Mercier's 5 Basic Needs

Louis Mercier's 5 Basic Needs In Life:
  1. Films                                                 : Foreign Films are a plus 
  2. Food                                                  : Mom's cooking is a tasty multiplication
  3. Friends world wide               : To minus wars, hate, poverty, pollution, etc. 
  4. Music                                                : To divide stress 
  5. Internet                                            : Technology used as a fraction in achieving world peace