Sunday, August 28, 2011


The curse on my eyebrows is shaped like a bell
Look closer and you'll see, it ain't hard to tell
Been rolling, rolling in my sleep like Adele
From the highest of heaven’s gates I've fell
Traded my golden wings for the love of Channel
Her fears and insecurities made me a living hell
Can love conquer any obstacle big as a wale?
To hit, run and quit it, I wasn't that type of male
With faith for better days to come, I set sail
Many customs boarders to cross traveling on the rails
Reunited with Channel is a true Hollywood fairy tale
Sheer devotion by my side didn't break the love spell
Miscommunication have since placed a bite on every nail
"Return to sender" reads on every letters sent in the mail
My night without my light from another fight, can't you tell?
Workaholic, sadness and depression knew me well
From Channel, Danielle, Estelle, Janelle to Michelle
Same woman embracing the same social anxiety shell
The curves of my lips are shaped like red blood cell
Look closer and you'll see me no longer stuck like gel
Been laughing, singing and dancing, my soul isn't pale
God sent me success also know by the name of Elle
She must have heard a tear drop on my skin, posted bail
From the deepest of heaven's sky, she freed my soul in jail 
Love supreme did conquer forevermore, kiss and tell
Our last meal was a breakfast birthday pancake on sale
Soon the wedding cake with an angle eyes behind the veil

PS: Can't keep a lion's soul down;)

-- Louis Mercier

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23

  1. Canada
  2. United States
  3. Japan
  4. Netherlands
  5. Slovenia
  6. South Korea
  7. Germany
  8. Belize
  9. Denmark
  10. Malaysia
  11. Switzerland
  12. India
  13. Sak passe Haiti,
  14. And for you too!
Come on!

Before I head on out the front door
Work no play made me sound like Al Gore 
My spirit has risen off the carpet floor
Feelings that can't be shelf at the drug store
From North and South, the rich to the poor
From West to the East, surface to the core
Let's celebrate good times, here once more 

Come on!

I feel a party going on in my heart
It's time to come together, do your part
A celebration to last throughout the day
August 23, we'll be partying all the way

We'll be celebrating peace, unity and love
Everyone around the world, come on! Come on!

PS: Hope you'll be having fun too;)

-- Louis Mercier

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Louis Mercier Apparel - Part 5

Louis Mercier Apparel 

Vision Statement:

"We aim to unite the four corners of the universe
through the power of words, arts and technology"

-- Louis Mercier

Louis Mercier Apparel - Part 4

Louis Mercier Apparel 

Mission Statement:

"To provide the universe with a simple platform 
for self expression, to be seen and be entertained."

-- Louis Mercier

Monday, August 15, 2011

Lost In Paris

Taste of your lips radiates immense power
Skin to skin we bathe in blissful shower
Even though our relationship went sour
I will forever remember the Eiffel tower
More beautiful then a yellow rose flower
Nanoseconds in your arms felt like hours

The laughter on the train will be missed 
Endless conversation with your clitoris
Your tender smile to brighten my iris
On the day we sealed love with a kiss
I lived for the infinite moment, lost in Paris

-- Louis Mercier

Friday, August 12, 2011

Economics 101 - Part 2

"Where there is fear, there is panic.
Where there is panic, 
there is money to be made."

-- Danny K.

Growing up, I use to dislike people with an abundant financial wealth. I use to find them to be egocentric, cold liars, loud, bitter, impolite, disrespectful, power - sex and drug addict, miserable, impatient, paranoid and having a one track mind: "Watching their profits and thinking how to make even more by any means necessary."

To this day, I have never met any fortune 500 CEO. Therefore it's unfair to cast a fair judgement on a person from only reading or watching TV news reports on them. I am sure deep within they are not all miserable persons, since blood and emotions run through their veins to place them above a cold harden rock.

Now as an adult, I have come to realize that money isn't the root to happiness, evil or greed. Money is just a necessary living tool of amplifies who we really are from the inside out. For example, if you are an evil person, with money in hand, you will become: "Evil x 10" (a variable number depending on the amount of cash in your bank account).  

However, if you own a golden soul, the presence of money in your wallet is only a way to extend your angle wings beyond immediate family members to reach other people in need through philanthropic actions.

Please take note, it is also very important to remember dear readers, whether you own $10, $100, 000.00 or $1000, 000, 000.00 in your personal savings account, you can always share a hug at any time, any where and at any level of your financial wealth status. Have you given a hug to someone today? If not, what are you waiting for? I, Louis Mercier, dare you!

Close your eyes, open your arms and your soul and start with a self hug, then hug your parents, hug your siblings, hug your pet(s), hug your lover, hug... (don't forget to send me a hug too;)

"Hugs are free to give and priceless to receive" 

--Louis Mercier

Thursday, August 11, 2011

When I Grow Up...

Lately, I've been asking myself: 
"Why must we judge a person by their profession?"
  • "Why do some doctors never wear hats in the winter?
  • Can a policewoman steal from her husband's wallet?
  • Why do some missionary priest molest young adults? 
  • Can a physiologist be depress over a broken heart?
  • Why must a kindergarten teacher yell at her own kids?
  • Can a lawyer be upset if he uncovers a friend's lie?
  • Why do some accountants keep a messy house?
  • Can a pulmonologist become a cigarette chain smoker?"
I guess it is safe to say: "We are who we are - we are not what we do."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Human Rights Code

Respect & Dignity 

I fear men's mind more then a tiger
A bomb isn't the real gravedigger
The bullet never called me a n**ger
'Cause a gun can't pull his own trigger

-- Louis Mercier

PS: Imagine us living in peace and harmony. 
      Smile, sing, dance, and love. 

      Please recycle. Thank you!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What If God Never Existed...

What if God never existed? What if, throughout history, there was never a mention of the presence of the Lord Father anywhere, would total chaos reign this world? Would life be any different then it is now? Would there be more wars and destruction, more pain and suffering, Would there be more Jersey shore television show? Would we still kill each other more or less for a bag of potato chips, a pair of Nike shoes or for looking at someone the wrong way? “What if Jehovah was really man made?”

It’s funny, I once asked my best friend who is a die hard christian living fanatic, someone who read 200,000,000 times the bible cover to cover before she even read the adventures of Tintin, if she believed in extraterrestrial beings. Without hesitation she told me: “No (period)”. Armed with a A+ journalistic school degree under my belt, I continued our conversation with a genuine puzzled look on my face and asked her: “Why don’t you believe E.T. phoned home?” Again with no hesitation like she had answered the same questions many times before in her sleep, she replied: “I don’t believe in those green walking ugly antenna slimy things because I have never seen one in person. It’s all make believe from the movie productions power house in Hollywood to make a shameless quick buck.” Without taking a single breath or loosing my gaze she continued: “The day I meet one in the flesh will be the day I become a believer, I can’t say 200% they never or don’t exist since I don't time traveled beyond my bed, my car, my work and back to my bed. But as far as I am concerned, my eyes have never met one, it’s only fairy tale to make $$$.”

“Hmmmm!” I replied with a smile, “But, you believe in the Almighty, right?” “Have you seen him in the flesh to have become such a die hard believer?” “If it's not for power and its religious billion industry greed that manipulates the weaker through fear for man's own political agenda and to make $$$ out of its faithful believers, would religion and God still exist?” “Isn’t the bible man made and printed in China?” “The Pope is likely sitting on a mountain of cash and property assets, yet he ask you to share your hard earn paycheck, because he want you to believe God exist?“ “You firmly don’t believe in E.T. because it’s fairy tale from a man in Hollywood, yet you  believe in the Creator from a same mortal man standing and preaching at the alter, right?”

Silence is golden. No need to write here my friend’s reply because if I did I wouldn’t call myself her best friend. What I am saying, dear reading fans, is that with the notion of God’s existence in our lives, we still kill each other for nonsense, we continue to hate each other for our skin color, dialect and cultural background, we continue to blame politicians and shady businessmen for our sufferance, we personally strive for a dollar and a dream to provide for our family yet in 10 years this family wouldn’t have a planet to live in. We nurse evil within yet we point blaming fingers at our borders for our misfortune. 

WE MUST STOP GOING TO CHURCH AND “BE” THE CHURCH. In order words, “BE” the government you want your country to rule your country, “BE” the best man/woman you can be in your own home. “BE” kind, flexible, patient and understanding to yourself the way you wish others would be with you. “BE” able to reject deadly sins and evil temptations.  “BE” in love with yourself (first) before sharing yourself with someone else. "BE"...

Most importantly, “BE YOU, be yourself”. What if? what if every one who read this posting blog all over the world was “ABLE” to close their eyes and breath love and peace. Improved their lives for themselves and found true happiness within, would we still need God’s Armageddon fear to save or guide us? 

Amen (period).

-- Louis Mercier

PS: As for me, I take time to just breathe. Hope you can join me;)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What If God Was A Man?

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love cast out fear: because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love."

-- 1 John 4:18

What if God was a man? If God was a man, he would sit at his thrown on a white cloud, cradle me in his protective arms and say: “Louis Mercier, you are my chosen one, share with the four corners of the world that my parole hearing is very near. 

My eyes have seen too much hatred, violence and bad Internet YouTube. My painful tears have flown like the never ending Nile river, even my ears have heard too much yelling, atrocious suffering and Britney Spears singing. At last, everlasting peace must come on Earth. It will be served at noon with honey lemon tea and with an Armageddon of truth, light and burning fire on every episodes of the Kardashians”. 

Standing now on his two feet while holding me tighter against his warm chest, the Almighty added with a gentle whisper: “Walk the earth and share the good news that the virgin Mary is pregnant again. Run and tell every Atheist that it’s a black thing they wouldn’t understand. Only then can your heart’s wishes be granted, the Vancouver Canuks will win the next Stanley Cup championship, Haiti will flourish with tourism and a cure for Hollywood's bad sequels will be found. My son, live to fight another day until you mail that letter. I love you, KFC and your mother more then you will ever know.”

"By the way, Richard Prior said: "Keep your day job, that stuff wasn't funny, man."

-- Louis Mercier

Dedicated to B. A. Star. You are on camera "Say:  _ _ _ _ y"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What If God Was A Woman...

What If...

What if God was a woman? If God was a woman, she would gently look within my soul, caress my hair and whisper softly into my ear: “In order to run with a heart of courage you must first walk with confidence. Show patience Louis Mercier, to walk each step with confidence, you must first learn how to crawl with determination and resilience”. 

From the endless love in God’s eyes and with her continued tender touch, she would add: “Yet, to crawl with determination, my son, you must first hollow yourself to breathe. With each clear breath you take, your mind will ignite your body to fly fearlessly”.

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tears In My Sink

My blues pen has ran out of ink
Peace within is my tenant, I think
Tears doesn't flow down my sink
My dreadlocks came off last week
All sad wounds have all been licked
Off the floor my manhood to be picked
Bitterness to the curb I've now kicked
A pocket full of smiles no longer weak
The gloom channel was turned with a flick
From emotional incarceration like Mr. Vick
To Freedom from woes with a finger click
"One, one day at a time" I wrote with a wink
A pink posted note on my soul to stick

-- Louis Mercier

PS: Dedicated to the sparkles of joy found on my skin;)