Sunday, February 19, 2012


"Love thy neighbor" needs a real long hug
Revolution 2.0 shall not be sparked on this blog
Even if justice has been buried deep under a rug
The power to overcome sleeps within like a log

Like a bitter blind man leading a blind dog
I fear the wrath of men more then I fear God
Bamboozled by his truth with a thicker fog

"Give peace a voice" reads on his white coffee mug
Yet, I saw politicians feast greed with a roasted hog
Back hand slapped world peace Like a prison thug

Religious and class division are more lethal then a slug
Aid by the news media to destroy our mind and unclog
Ruthless hate, pain and anger inflated like a bull frog

"Fight it" buzz in my hear like computer virus bug
Inner revolution shall be written twice on this blog
Judas kiss is powerless from the rat race when you unplug
"Love thy self" is the greatest love of all to be shared in your jog

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Apartment #13

This Valentine's Day...

Some went eating at an Asian restaurant
Gave each other chocolate candy mints 
Made love in a candle scented hotel room

Some sealed their last unrequited love letter
Before they exchanged secret wedding vows
Then flirted with X in the man's washroom

Others made a wish at the strike of 11:00 PM
Waited for their cellphone to ring that special tune 
While reminiscing on their first dance with a broom

In apartment #13, they argued the whole night long
Blessed to have each other to argue with, nothing wrong  
Can't blame them, that's how they express their love song

-- Louis Mercier

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Must you keep asking me why?
Why must all the good ones die?
We must have told her white lies
She ran for the door when we said "hi"
Turned to drugs without a single sigh
Why must the good ones wish to fly
Escaping life's reality as they got high
Lifted their arms to the Diva blue sky
But hide behind a crack pipe so shy
Why must you be sweet the tears I cry
Why not pay tribute before she died
Her golden voice can never be silence
Not even with a long kiss goodbye

Rest in eternal peace, Whitney Houston

-- Louis Mercier