Friday, February 22, 2013


All day I dreamed about Sucrose

Your candy taste lingers on my lips like a Cuban cigar
Butterfly kisses roam beneath my eyes to steal my gaze
Salivating at your mere vivid thoughts I am your jaguar
Awaken with a single amorous touch leaves me amaze

Your soothing sight always stole my breath like a burglar
Following lustfully, it's a pleasure being lost in your maze

To taste your delicate aroma all day I dreamed about Sugar

-- Louis Mercier

Friday, February 15, 2013

Secret Ingredient

Pssssst! I swear it on my chest with an X
Lasagna monologue is seen on my text
I love cooked food more then I love sex
A carnivore who smiles & bites like T-Rex
I love it more then Ms. Shaniqua my ex
"No lingerie dear" more meat or I'm vex

Life have us all stiff like a piece of wood
I believe in music more then I need food
A Bob Marley's guitar riff  feels so good
Mr. Hathaway sings to change my mood
Lifted spiritually higher then I ever could

I'm addicted to foreign films but not to music
Dime the theatre lights and I'm a zombie freak
Films to bypass my own problems I would seek
To recite the lines of "400 Blows" like a Geek
I'm addicted to Mr. Truffaut 7 days of the week

If truth must be know, Ms. Shaniqua's Lasagna 
remains an oscar winning musical score to my belly
Pssssst! Don't let this secret leak

-- Louis Mercier

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rolling Stones

Without any rest for an old pebble soul
Icarus chased Ms. Rain for his pot of gold
For a fool's dream, faith he would hold
Even stones will run out of range to roll

-- Louis Mercier

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lonely Couch

On a lonely night, 
nowhere else I would rather be
To fly at your feet just like a drunk bumblebee
With a soul brotherly hug, your arms greeted me
We laugh over diner with fresh crabs from the sea
Your ears were endlessly sweeter then honey lemon tea
Inviting gaze unlocked painful words without a key
To share stories of broken heart with no dollar fee
Your zen patience heard torments from kiss to letter Z
With a non judgmental corner lips smile, there to see
On a happy day, we'll always miss a phatgirl like Lovely

-- Louis Mercier

The (L) Word

Dedicated to Belle

True story to awake the living in Mr. Ray
A young fisherman's tale by the jazzy bay
As clear as water in a glass on a Sunday
Ever had the urge to kneel and pray?
It was '93 with Azalea blooming in May
Two caged birds sang in the light of day
During breakfast, Jesus appeared to say:
"Who-do-you-think-you-are anyway?
Your sermons won't make them sway
Shut your mouth, let the adults play
Suck a (L)ollipop, get a (L)ife, or get (L)aid
Get a brain scarecrow and move far away
Keep stepping in people's personal way
With impotence I'll be sure to make you pay."

PS: We give up! Jimmy and I wave the white flag.

-- Louis Mercier

Breed In America

Dedicated to the Joneses' neighbor

Altar boy by day, wild dogs in the shades
Live fast, die hard in the United-States
Time is king when violence is a cell mate
"Show no mercy" a street code's faith
If cash is a bitch growling in the heat
The money, pu$$$$$ and I'm straight
Can't trust no one on payment date

The clothes, jewelry nor the food I ate
All worthless compared to my kid Kate
Jail is never an option but a law bait
Silver lead in the head is our only fate
Glock 9 in hand, I'm out the back gate
America's most wanted, climbed to #8

Death keep knocking, so let him wait
FBI, DEA, CIA, Pigs are all people I hate
Corporate Wall Street customers await
Blue or red caps? I supply the best rate
White girls to deliver, can't be too late

Altar boy who traded God for a bandanna
A wild dog in heat breeded in America
Lived hard, died fast like a mother $$ck$$
Secrets I kept from my proud grandma
She owls as tears drop in pool of my blood

-- Louis Mercier