Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If I Only Had One

4 sleepless nights, longing to obtain
Just one wish is all I will ever ask
Climb the top of a tallest mountain
To slowly reveal my inner dark mask
Curse out Cupid like a sailor or captain
I beg of you God, grant me this one task
Twice he urinated in my Love Fountain
Wrote sad quotes on my heart's cask
For strength I pray to scrub away stain

-- Louis Mercier

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Freedom Fries

From my bottom lip, red blood gush
Don't know why it hurts so much
Still, the pen in my hand won't hush
Television advertisements to flush

The evolution of our mores to squash
Our old diet needs CPR with a brush
Now, fast food runs in our IV like slush
For Breakfast, snack, dinner and lunch
We design clothes with a diabetes touch

Carring fat cells without a single blush
Such is life, we are last to know much
Now, read my bruised lip like Sr. Bush
Before you line up for fries in a rush

Join the food education, don't push
Shout it: "We won't drink diet Crush!"
Which CEO eats garbage on a couch
So much, a heart attack made him say: "Ouch"?

PS: "Robert, your soup is ready"

-- Louis Mercier

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yours Sincerely,

I sat down to write something happy
Something very simple very ordinary
I held my breath to escape reality 
My right hand caressed my chin slowly
The left hand held the ink pen magically
A warm feeling consumed me heavenly
My dear Mama would be proud of me
I sat in my bedroom looking clumsy
What would I write? Sounds scary 
A letter? A picture? It must be poetry   
Must be something powerful, almighty
Going viral from here to Germany
To free every child’s dream in Haiti
Something for Lyons and Gregory
Something for the youth and Papy
To be cherished for all eternity
Extremely excited I saw it vividly
Something sweet, harder then candy
More valuable then a lucky penny
Something I would not feel sorry 
Simple yet bold, real yet visionary
To shy away the porn star industry
“No underline issue with women” my Lady
Cross your legs, I see your insecurity
Something huge to unite every country
To erase mortgage debt, misery and poverty 
Something that revolutionize humanity
Enemies unite under a single currency
To finally stop man made fear factory 
With peace sign embroidered on an army
I sat down to write something friendly
Closed my eyes and counted to three
I wrote: “Love life, unconditionnaly”
Yours sincerely,
-- Louis Mercier

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Big Heart

The less and less nap I take
The more more money I make
It quadruples my headache

On the world web my eyes bake
5 in the morning I'm still awake
Much more knowledge to rake

For the love of Mighty God sake!
As my smile been replaced with a fake?
This passport I.D. reads Uncle Jake

Capitalist tried to sell me a diet cake
With a house of cards as big as a lake
My heart still could not fit in the door, 
so we parted ways with a hand shake

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Old Port Of York

To Mr. Port of York

If this was to be my last, let it be my very best.

The rhymes of a carved poem hides the journey of a teen
Line by line the verse marks each shy steps of a dream
Eyes field with ! paints secret desire to unite as a team
The pier's new silhouette bridge places he has never ever been
How the heart skips a musical note on the internet to be seen

Mind full of ? the old Port of York turned from brown to green
Rust colored spots marked the unhappiness of an harbor's been
Mr. Port of York was set in his first born gauche ways so mean
Constant metal creaks nurtured rhythm to his blues unclean
Mouth full of bubble soap a teen chased a mirage smoke screen

-- Louis Mercier

Monday, March 5, 2012

Second Round K.O.


knowledge defeats fear
Paper prevails over rock
Music triumphs mental illness
Hugs overpower depression
Laughter vanquishes suicide
Arts, well, you know!

Exercise overrides stress
A smile overpowers prejudice
Sex, yes, it is true!

Green tea combats heart disease
The internet breakdown boarders
Water cleanse a dark soul
Literacy surmounts ignorance


Love will conquer everything else

Ms., the key to one's heart is always located under the "Welcome Home" doormat.

Pssst! As you make your way inside the house, Jimmy is sleeping in the living room, be VERY LOUD.

-- Louis Mercier