Monday, August 19, 2013

Tropical Depression

Dedicated to Salt

Reads on my skin after the last earthquake
"Mr. Mercier press forward, move for God's sake"
So many late night arguments we've baked
Too many broken promises to overflow a lake
Couldn't stand still for the bite of your snake

Time has passed to stop dreaming wide awake
Self lies have become the bolder I needed to rake
No matter how often my heart will brake
Or the time wasted blowing on our issue cake
Vision of me as a cold rock I needed to shake

A pebble lingers in every breaths that I take
Just like an 80's hit song, my mind will ache
Still pressing forward for my sake
a smile I got tired to fake

-- Louis Mercier

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I Am Louis Mercier

I Am

Who am I?

Am I sexist for asking black woman to burn up their weave?
Am I homophobic if I can't be with a shemale named Steve?
Am I racist to say black crime is my number one pet peeve?

Who am I?

Am I a terrorist for killing fruit flies and wishing ants would leave?
Am I an Atheist if I don't believe the first dummy was Eve?
Am I an illiterate if I can't define the word h-e-a-v-e?

Who am I?

Just a man asking our President to tax bullets by 2,300% 
and to roll up his sleeves

Be the change
Vote for yourself

-- Louis Mercier

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dream Big Louis Mercier

Just before laying down to sleep every night
I feel my legs who carried me through this fight
I lost my focus, it is equal to loosing my sight

Why does my chest inhale breath so tight?
A warning sign that everything won't be alright
For big dreams are still within in search of its light

Tomorrow's new reach is bound for an unknown height
How does a blind man succeed without sight?
Exorcise his fears to leave on the next AM flight

For self-discipline is the burden I can't get right
As I slept, I dreamed my legs gave up before midnight
Anyone please, calm my nerves and say I'll be aiight!

-- Louis Mercier

Friday, August 9, 2013

Apple Of My Eye

Something happened in the mind
Needed a place to escape your kind
Opening the door that got me blind
What I saw was deceits in the wind

Walked the streets to clog my mind
Hated when we fought, tears I would find
Is it me? Was it you? Are we acting blind
The climax, the txts with sex in the wind
Everything is now gone, love is so kind

-- Louis Mercier

Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Tank Yuh"

For every single Tumblr & Blog reader
This poem is dedicated to you
I'm blessed to have you as a follower
To show appreciation was on my list to do
Your care pushes my art further

Even if my grammar smells like poo
Or my spelling mistakes could be better
200% is placed in creativity and entertainment too
For your support and pair of eyes,
I promise to work harder
From this day forward, know that I thank all of you

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Carpe Noctem

Nota Bene I will be the first to break this old dance rule
What goes in a party is to remain silent, isn't cool
I will expose the dance floor stories standing on this stool
'Cause a Trinidadian woman has captured my heart in full
The night club was our arena, she was my Torero I was her Bull
To share amazing step moves, we sweated like a mule

Each song blaring, lifted us above the crowded pool
Her body in motion radiated pleasure like a cashmere wool
Until 5AM sent her away, for a soft kiss her hand I pulled

Can't stop thinking about our hips gyrating like a tool
Don't know her name or her number, I now feel like a fool
A soca party is always fading memory, it's never cool

--Louis Mercier