Thursday, September 27, 2012

One With The Yellow School Bus

My mom, my dad and my sister think I'm brown nuts
For a blue engagement ring, my piggy bank went bust
Madly in love with the driver of my yellow school bus
Always on time to sit on green chair is more then just lust
On weekends, holidays and grey vacation my smile cuts
Dark skinned, cat eyes, her free laughing spirit is a plus
On red lights my lips dream, like a broom dreams of kissing dust
Turning eleven this month and to marry Ms. Purple it's a must
Age is nothing but a pink number, I can't let my heart rust

-- Louis Mercier

Monday, September 24, 2012

Free Riot

Sex, Guns and Six Strings

A seed of love grew from an embryo to a little man
With three child supports, he does the best he can
For English, Math and homework he wasn't a fan
Sexual molestation from his Aunt's lonely hands
Shattered his dreams to play lead guitar in a band
A part-time job pays for a gun at the neighbor's klan
Killing Mr. Rivera the bank manager wasn't in the plan
Love seed alerts the cop before sitting in the getaway van
Lethal injection for Mme Rivera's fake tears falls on her tan
Heading for the Mexican boarder with a Gibson in his hand
Witness protection letter makes renewed life a perfect ten

-- Louis Mercier

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A La Carte With Red

To life, love and longevity

Global warming is the heat radiating from my heart
Finger licking good is the O2 on my plate a la carte
On time, with ironed recycled clothes, played my part
Pure water my date, her spring glow is a work of art
Fun in a smoke free environment, time flies like a dart
Anticipating her leaf perfumed hug as we come apart

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Religion Of Sorrows

Sometimes it feels like I reside in a bubble
Where peace and love live within, no trouble
Around me I see religion turning joy to rubble
Killing innocent to avenge insults has doubled
Hate, terror, sufferance is the new food label
Allah and God can't speak at the round table
Justice not vengeance needs growth from stubble
"Two wrongs don't make a right" is still in the bible

-- Louis Mercier

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ms. Life

Music please 'cause the days are long
I am blessed just like in a reggae song
To start all over again can't be wrong
Keep my spirit up, got to stay strong 

Ms. Life is hitting hard like ping pong
No need to run, hide or smoke a bong
Wild orchid covers my path in a throng
Before my last bell strikes ding dong
My mind strength is built like King Kong
To stand up and fight is where I belong

-- Louis Mercier

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pick Me Roy

To call "me" your girlfriend is a dream
Pick me because I am a sexual toy
Riddled with ultra low self esteem
A kiss from your lips provides joy
I imagine playing in a winning team
And begged to fall in love with Roy 
Jealousy always made him scream
For my weakness is a chocolate boy
To feel noticed and loved like cream
Free hard liquor born as milk of soy
Never leave me, stay strong as a beam

Choose "me" father I'm your broken toy
Life so far has been great like a dream
Since I've fought asthma it's been a joy
My mother and I play in the same team
Kept my promise to have fun like a boy 
Lately my spirit tastes like almond cream
Even if my heart has been broken by Leroy
I refused to let it drag down my self esteem
"Days will never meet nights", said Ms Soy
"Once cleared, the dark clouds so mean,
You and Roy will unite like laser beam"

-- Louis Mercier

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Have A Nice Day

"Live for today" are words from a sage
The day breaks with rain on the page
See corner hustlers on minimum wage
Shopping bags to show debt its age
A yellow cab halts in a honking rage
Hear loud mice living in borough cage

-- Louis Mercier

PS: Dedicated to Mike and his pit bull Biggie, 
who couldn't cross the boarder. Keep strong bro!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Dey

Where ever soca music playin, We dey
Flags swaying, We dey
Drinks sharing, We dey
We partying for today today
Good vibes flowing, We dey
Nuff luv showing, We dey
De Ladies glowing, We dey
Kadooment Day, for sure We dey
Carnival Monday, You know We dey
Pun Eastern Parkway 
We dey We dey We dey

-- Mr. Dale

Monday, September 3, 2012