Friday, April 29, 2011

For The Love Of Money

If money isn’t the secret to happiness, what is?
"I honestly think it’s attitude. It’s working with what you’ve got, and how you feel about it and the people around you and the life you lead. And being thankful for what you have."

-- Sara Plant

Roses are pink diamond
Violets are safir blue
the media loves you
more then you do
Will and Kate
sitting in a golden Rolls-Royce
First comes the wedding's enormous bill
and the taxpayers sweat to fulfill
Then comes divorce with a two baby carriage

-- Louis Mercier

Better to feel love then to "show" love.
True love can't be bought, stolen or borrowed
Until then, we wish Will and Kate the very best of time, love and luck.

PS: A wise man once said: "The more lavish the wedding,
the quicker divorce will follow."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Three A Day To Keep Stress Away

Leads to

-- Louis Mercier

1. Smile / Laugh
2. Exercise
3. Breathe

PS: It has been said: "Laughter is key to good health, the body doesn’t know the difference
between fake and genuine belly laugh."
  • Reduced stress
  • Anxiety & physical pain
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved circulation
  • A healthier heart
  • Better mood

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Extra Extra...

Imagine waking up in Ado's arms affirming that the sun
was replaced by a painting of Michael Angelo's creation
or the luminous stars were just exhaled sparkles of ashes
from a religious peace pipe ceremony of the First Nations

Imagine reading in the Sunday newspaper, confirming that your father
is an addict apple tree who received $5 from giving you up for adoption
or your real birth mother was an angelic Maple Leaf who sadly died
last night on the operating table during a routine Hara's clinic abortion

Imagine life in a place where First Nations ruled the entire universe
spoke of food, art, music and love without any point d'acclamation
or Lot's wife ran to see Noah to commit suicide with a potion
due to her husband's sudden bestiality relationship orientation

Imagine your son belongs to an extremist terrorist organization
responsible for saving the sun from the Homo sapien's pollution
or Michael Angelo was sentenced to death by lethal injection
for raping a holy Maple Leaf, read in his secret diary confession

Imagine Eve had cut down the apple tree to microscopic pieces
out of miscommunication and rage due to her sexual frustration
or God was a mere fiction, an elaborate story with twists and turns
conceived on the sixth day from Adam's vivid figment of imagination

In the Sunday newspaper, anything was possible without limitation

-- Louis Mercier

PS: Got to turn off the news and stop drinking tap water;)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


You had asked for forgiveness on Monday, we all forgave unanimously

You ask to bear no malice for Wednesday and we all accepted the apology

You will ask for grace on Sunday, we will let bygones be bygones so kindly

You must give us amnesty, we haven’t forgotten Monday’s tearful melancholy

You labelled men no more then kisses printed on a wish penny that lingers

You still dream of life with Mr. Satin to float day and night over latin moon’s flicker

You take a closer look, we are no less then a broken feather placed in a book

You are our eyes to witness what we have been missing in an ailing relationship

You are our sensitive nose to sneeze the coldness that bears our painful pass

You are our ears to patiently listen to the sound of hope to love from gloominess

You are a constant tender touch of the hand that will lead out of the darkness

You are our voice to whisper: “Te amo sucrerie de mon coeur I am born again”

You are the reason, every February, men jump, wave, sing and dance for joy

You stood tall on deaf ears when little boys played with your mind like a toy

You are magical with your smell of mango that tickles the air with your smile

You are a lady who giggles gorgeous silk blue butterflies over ocean Wxyz

You all embody the same insecurity with different name identity, isn’t that crazy

You must wonder why our friendship fumbled when our trust popped like a bubble

You turn to sadness when we uncover the chuckle wasn’t a sign of your happiness

You shouldn’t keep white nervous shy lies neatly folded in your life’s precious purse

You keep black flies in your mind with stress marks around your neck like a scarf

You were not a Facebook internet friend with pink ribbon benefits tide on the ends

You are a miracle before our eyes as sure as Christmas and God are China made

You and our love will never fade as we turnover yet another misunderstood page

You will be strong to look within to find the key to break free from your youth’s cage

You are proud, excluded at the disciples diner table to burned your corset in rage

You hold a beautiful intelligent soul with gorgeous hair that falls down to your back

You must know that real men wouldn’t care even if you use to smoke pipe crack

You can stop the blaming game, be yourself even if all your teeth had turn black

You will one day realize, we are different with names like Teddy, Eddie or Trevor

You are you, now walk away from the negative reflections from your hand mirror

-- Louis Mercier

Friday, April 15, 2011

If You Are Happy And You Know It...

Designer tight clothes, fake breast, botox
expensive jewellery, fake nose, educations
lavish make-up, color coordinated bag and shoes
elaborate hair style while walking a white poodle
have no power over a sincere smile to be notice.

Women, be yourself and smile!

PS: A smile is a gateway to loving yourself first,
it will lead you to happiness.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

At The End Of The World - Part 5

I could have drove to Madison Square Garden's partying

Should have flown to Time Square after my phone ring

Smell of fish on Sutphin Boulevard was always breathtaking

The R train, E train, S train, T train is ready for boarding

Took a healing ride out West, a queen’s soul needed saving

The journey ends April 7th 2011, I’m back home hustling

Like an illegal alien off the boat in New York, Brooklyn

Praising Jah in falsetto, I’ll be condo cold shower singing

My thoughts are crystal picture clear, worth crayons coloring

Saw big trees larger then a Yankee championship’s ring

With mountains taller then a few Empire State building

Rode 8,932 km of majestic land to see dolphins kissing

Slept with one eye open like an Harlem priest praying

While my cabin’s bed motioned left to right cradle rocking

On the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge, I was walking

Over troubled waters like the Manhattan bridge crossing

Had three meals per day fit for an entire subway rats gazing

Beat Wall St. on two consecutive days, shouldn’t be bragging

Love handle to burn as I stepped onto Stanley park’s parking

Not your average Central park, as Jimmy kept misbehaving

Didn’t see the signs of her youth experiences, forever following

Can’t trust the taste of a sweet coconut, soon will be crying

Walked through Main Street blind with my head scratching

How did Ms. Liberty found me here? I’m now wondering

Adam was right! Can’t live without them in Summer or Spring

Live and learn is so amazing, must keep remembering

Enough said, some people are too sensitive to my joking

A single picture is worth a thousand words, wrote smiling

Forever sixteen on my journey worth bedroom framing

-- Louis Mercier

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