Friday, April 29, 2011

For The Love Of Money

If money isn’t the secret to happiness, what is?
"I honestly think it’s attitude. It’s working with what you’ve got, and how you feel about it and the people around you and the life you lead. And being thankful for what you have."

-- Sara Plant

Roses are pink diamond
Violets are safir blue
the media loves you
more then you do
Will and Kate
sitting in a golden Rolls-Royce
First comes the wedding's enormous bill
and the taxpayers sweat to fulfill
Then comes divorce with a two baby carriage

-- Louis Mercier

Better to feel love then to "show" love.
True love can't be bought, stolen or borrowed
Until then, we wish Will and Kate the very best of time, love and luck.

PS: A wise man once said: "The more lavish the wedding,
the quicker divorce will follow."

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