Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Extra Extra...

Imagine waking up in Ado's arms affirming that the sun
was replaced by a painting of Michael Angelo's creation
or the luminous stars were just exhaled sparkles of ashes
from a religious peace pipe ceremony of the First Nations

Imagine reading in the Sunday newspaper, confirming that your father
is an addict apple tree who received $5 from giving you up for adoption
or your real birth mother was an angelic Maple Leaf who sadly died
last night on the operating table during a routine Hara's clinic abortion

Imagine life in a place where First Nations ruled the entire universe
spoke of food, art, music and love without any point d'acclamation
or Lot's wife ran to see Noah to commit suicide with a potion
due to her husband's sudden bestiality relationship orientation

Imagine your son belongs to an extremist terrorist organization
responsible for saving the sun from the Homo sapien's pollution
or Michael Angelo was sentenced to death by lethal injection
for raping a holy Maple Leaf, read in his secret diary confession

Imagine Eve had cut down the apple tree to microscopic pieces
out of miscommunication and rage due to her sexual frustration
or God was a mere fiction, an elaborate story with twists and turns
conceived on the sixth day from Adam's vivid figment of imagination

In the Sunday newspaper, anything was possible without limitation

-- Louis Mercier

PS: Got to turn off the news and stop drinking tap water;)

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