Wednesday, April 13, 2011

At The End Of The World - Part 5

I could have drove to Madison Square Garden's partying

Should have flown to Time Square after my phone ring

Smell of fish on Sutphin Boulevard was always breathtaking

The R train, E train, S train, T train is ready for boarding

Took a healing ride out West, a queen’s soul needed saving

The journey ends April 7th 2011, I’m back home hustling

Like an illegal alien off the boat in New York, Brooklyn

Praising Jah in falsetto, I’ll be condo cold shower singing

My thoughts are crystal picture clear, worth crayons coloring

Saw big trees larger then a Yankee championship’s ring

With mountains taller then a few Empire State building

Rode 8,932 km of majestic land to see dolphins kissing

Slept with one eye open like an Harlem priest praying

While my cabin’s bed motioned left to right cradle rocking

On the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge, I was walking

Over troubled waters like the Manhattan bridge crossing

Had three meals per day fit for an entire subway rats gazing

Beat Wall St. on two consecutive days, shouldn’t be bragging

Love handle to burn as I stepped onto Stanley park’s parking

Not your average Central park, as Jimmy kept misbehaving

Didn’t see the signs of her youth experiences, forever following

Can’t trust the taste of a sweet coconut, soon will be crying

Walked through Main Street blind with my head scratching

How did Ms. Liberty found me here? I’m now wondering

Adam was right! Can’t live without them in Summer or Spring

Live and learn is so amazing, must keep remembering

Enough said, some people are too sensitive to my joking

A single picture is worth a thousand words, wrote smiling

Forever sixteen on my journey worth bedroom framing

-- Louis Mercier

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