Monday, June 28, 2010


One down and many more goals to achieve.
Keeping my eyes on the road and keeping moving forward. I just finished reading the book "The richest man in Babylon" by George S. Clason. And the most important lesson I retrieved from my reading, is to fight procrastination in me with all my might, men's number one enemy.

May this picture, placed above, motivate me to complete my securities course.

Dedicated to Poetree.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Through The Fire


New York City, less then an hour to journey away from your race
Traveling to a new beginning, new places and new faces
I keep looking back on this road I couldn't win
Too big of an apple to carry with me in the wind
Leaving behind a royal castle fit for a King

Each day and night, looking back over the years
Can't say I didn't fight as I held back painful tears
Too often, wanted to give in and say: "what good is this fight?"
When one holds a broken heart in his flight
Featuring in a dramatic play where silence prevail in each act
A box office gain doom from the start

NYC, a crowded energetic city that never sleeps
Filled with ego, woe, tattoo and yet still feel all alone
The weather reaches new record high, yet still feels cold to the bone
Thinking back on the laughter, riding the six train, as if watching Mr. Been
My anything, my everything, my green statuesque solid queen

Through the fire, to the limit, to the wall for a chance to carry you
For a chance for this youthful dream to stick like glue
I'd gladly risk it all through the fire, like Chaka Khan
Through whatever, come what may, just to taste your sweet sugar cane
I'd take it all the way, right down to the wire
Even through the fire

I love New York City, now fading on my t-shirt
A dear misery coming to an end, no longer hurt
Something I need to share, alright:
"Just in case I don't ever make it back tonight
Let me make love to you for the last time, NYC
Want to cherish each moment like the last, you see
'Cause baby you're all that I had
So just in case, like Jaheim,
I shall forget you not, in the end
My dear strange, strange, strange, strange land
Hope to shine a light on your ways one day
Take great care!"

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm motivated each day
For the love of one world

On Wednesday, June 23 2010, I graduated (with honors ;) a five weeks course. If it wasn't for the protection of a future family income, I would have never registered. Up to me, alone, I would have continued rolling the dice and kept moving forward by the sweat from my brow. Throughout those long days sitting in class, doing my best not falling asleep, I pictured myself succeeding each exam as I dedicated each one to the smile of Lyons (my imaginary son).

Whatever it takes to remain motivated, music, films, food, love, this blog or my imagination, got to keep my eyes on the prize.

Now, to achieve the same success as I dedicated this one to Poetree, imaginary daughter, during my securities course studies. My babies needs new shoes!

Coming home world!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tips For Success

  1. Think Positive
  2. Be Confident
  3. Upgrade Education
  4. Work Hard
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Learn From Successful People
"Above, Louis, you will find the six most important items to achieve great success", said Mr. Vinod Karna.

With respect, I replied: "Teacher, you forgot to add - 0.5 Smile Within".

Monday, June 14, 2010

Now VS Then

I was, while
Running on

One characteristic I can admit with great pride and sadness, through out my independent years, is my inheritance by default of the art of hard work from my beloved parents. Not only did I receive their irresistible good looks DNA, their sex appeal DNA, their sense of humour DNA, their honesty DNA, their caring heart DNA, their etc. DNA. I also acquired their red blood cell composition of the strength of a thousand slaves.

Too often, I have pushed my mind and body to the limit in order to "get the job done" in meeting my life's goals. For the past three years, I have never meet an hour, weekend, week days, months, or a year where I wasn't in workhorse mode. Even in my sleep, I peruse back through the steps of my day in order to find errors and glory in my actions to move forward in my journey. The question you must ask yourself by now, why work so hard? I ask my myself: "For how much longer?" Amazingly, I have yet to meet a hearth stock from my nose to grindstone mentality.

Call it driven, go-getter, persistent, stubborn, determined, tenacious or just plain naive workaholic, on my part. I just pray for a heaven's clinic with a sweet psychologist African queen angle with the heart of golden to seek therapy with. Until then, with a little luck one day at a time, I'll keep move on. Now, you'll find me in class studying ticket sales (for the past four weeks), one more to go until graduation and then the fun begins.

Charge ;)

PS: For Lyons

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nano Seconds I've Lived

Vehicle with
Everlasting engine

"...I see skies of blue, and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom, for me and you
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world"
- Louis Armstrong

Oh God, who said black men don't cry! I am often left speechless when it comes to expressing my ferocious love affair with life. Come into my world, come closer if you dare. With enough patience, you will soon see a tear of joy forming on the corner of my eye before the end of this blog entry. I, always and forever, will be truly blessed to have walked the earth. Can I ask for anything more? In good or in hard times, I adore the ambient morning air caressing my lungs and I kiss the evening stars by my side as I dream of queens and castles. I can't ask for anything less. The greatest gift God gave me on my birth date with a huge red bow, let it be known, was my parents. I was born, through their love for each other, and I think to myself: "Oh man! What a wonderful gift".

My flame for life is so strong that I grew up nursing a fear of death. With all the hate, violence and destruction that surrounds me, I was convinced that I might not see my 100 birthday. Several trips to the doctor and being hit in a car accident in my youth, didn't help this inner phobia. Talking about anxiety, I even imagined how I was going to die, believe it or not.

"Que sera sera", the future is not ours to fear but to be lived. Lucky for me, I managed to curb those inner dreaded thoughts and will accept my faith when my name is called. Looking back, it was ludicrous for me to spend three days traveling on a bus then to book a plane ride. "Louis, you are not living if you fear death" I once told myself. "The beauty of life is found in each inhale and exhale of air, through the sound of a baby's giggles or through each beating rhythm of my own heart". Whether it's 20, 50 or 160 years of age, it doesn't matter to say: "I've lived". Life is a nano second, a moment in time long enough to capture an image that will be cherished in the afterlife". Nowadays, if my last hour came too soon via women/men's politics and stupidities, do rejoice at my funeral, because I have sealed within enough images and memories to last me for all eternity. The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky are also on the faces, of people going by. I see friends shaking hands, sayin' "how do you do?" They're really sayin' "I love life too"

I've been so many places, I've seen so many things
But none quite so lovely as life
More beautiful than the Mona Lisa
Worth more than gold
And my eyes have the pleasure to behold

Life is the latest and my greatest
My latest, my greatest inspiration

Things never looked clearer, peace within never felt nearer
My burden's gone, it's turned to a song
Tender as a baby's touch, I needed to live, oh, so much
At last the load is so light

You're the latest and my greatest
My life is my latest, my greatest inspiration

I plan to give you all that I have
I'll be everything, everything you think I am
life is a joy to live
And I'm thankful, yes God,
Papy, Mummy
and the whole wide world
I'm blessed just to live each day.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Against All Odds

To win in life
Remember rule # 1
You must play

"Persecution you must bear,
win or lose, you got to get your share,
You've got your mind set on a dream,
you can get it, though hard it may seem, now.

You can get it if you really want,
You can get it if you really want,
You can get it if you really want,
but you must try, try and try,
try and try,
you'll succeed at last. "
- Jimmy Cliff

Eminem once said: "If you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it? Or just let it slip?"

In order to capture one of many dreams, in this lifetime that I hold dear to heart, my odds to succeeding are 1 in 13,983,816. Nothing came easy for me. If it's worth having, I always remind myself: "It's worth fighting for it".

Like Eminem, I lose myself in the moment, the passion,
the hard/smart work, and persevere
I will own it, never let it go
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime
I may only have one shot to succeed,
but I will try 13,983,816 times
Until my heart stop ticking
I will give it my best and TRY ;)

Friday, June 4, 2010

F.o.c.u.s. For Victory

Until I find

I'm sitting here in limbo, but I know it won't be long
Sitting here in limbo, like a bird without a song
Well, life is putting up resistance
But I know that my faith will lead me on

Sitting here writing another blog post, waiting for the dice to roll
Sitting here in the living room, got some time to search my soul
Well, I'm right back where I've started
But I know that my personality won't give up

I don't know where life will lead me
But I know where I've been
I can't say what life will show me
But I know what I've seen
Tried my hand at dreaming,
loving and entrepreneurship
But all that is not easy, still holding on
This little boy believes, achieves and succeed.

Focus on writing a business plan for Tutuba, July 2010
finding one costumer and print to sale one t-shirt, September 2010
Keep the dream alive, every day
Moving on up ;)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When Eyes Meet: Prequel : Kiss Kiss

Just when I thought I was done, this topic pulled me back in...

PS: From this day forward, I'm starting with the man in the mirror, I'm asking him to change his ways. I'll be strong and make that change, instead of pointing hurting fingers. I will look for answers within to improve on my ways. Sealed with a tender kiss, not an adieu, but a simple au revoir, I thank you.

PS: Some will have Paris, I will always cherish your prayers to guide me through. Not forgetting the memories and the turnTturn2 ;)

I can make it now the pain is gone, all of the bad feelings have disappeared. Here is my rainbow, I've been searching for. From this second on, it's gonna be a bright sun shining day.

PS: Free at last, set free at last, my soul is free ;)