Saturday, December 24, 2011

Billionaire Part 4

If I was a rich billionaire I would print on a t-shirt:

"Does money + power = respect?"

The beginning,

"In this country, you gotta make the money first.
When you get the money, you get the power. 
When you get the power, you loose all touch with reality."

-- X

What if a rich politician, by the name of "X" had raped and killed a woman named "Y", and paid the justice system to receive a "Not guilty" verdict of all charges during his case deliberation. Is that power? 

The same politician, by the name of "X" who has enjoyed several additional years of corruptions and violent rape crimes is now dying of a strange illness, it has been reported through word of mouth that Mr. "X" couldn't find enough money and resources in this world to pay Doctor "Z" for the antidote, being the only person with knowledge to cure this strange illness. Is that power? 

On Mr. "X" death bed, he paid and sent three men to force doctor "Z" to come see him immediately in his master bedroom and said: "Doctor Z everything in life has a price, everything can be bought with the right price. How much will it take to hear the answer on why you didn't sell me the antidote for my illness?" Doctor Z replied, "No need to pay me for that answer, I will freely give you the antidote's formula if you give me the name of the woman you raped and killed seven years ago" Mr. "X" quickly interrupted while coughing his own blood and said "I have raped and killed many women, doctor, I don't have much time to live or to name several names. Give me a price, I will honor it".

Doctor Z quietly pulled a chair nearby and sat. "Mr. X, with due respect, I have all the time in the world to hear you name each woman's name because one of the women was my wife." A cold silence filled the room before Mr. X dyed of a hearth attach after realizing the effect of his actions. In his dying words Mr. X toke his last breath and say: "Why me?" 

The end.    

Have you been kind lately?

I look around through history, powerful men have lost touch with reality, the so called "Power" went to their head, inflating their ego that made them think and act like they were God. You can buy love or order to kill a man, is that respect? 

Ask any fallen dictators if all the money in the world could buy true love or could kill another nation. True power and respect comes from the unity of people with the kindness of the heart.

Again, have you been kind lately?

-- Louis Mercier

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Billionaire Part 3

If I was a rich billionaire
I would buy all the bullets in the world
to control guns

I would shutdown the world wide web on weekends
advocate for families to spend quality time together
to control violence 

I would acquire every nuclear power in each country
point them back at their government
to control peace

I would deal with airline companies around the world
for humans to travel for free during the month of March
to control ignorance 

I would invest in every advertising firms in each city
to educate women on mental health
to control their insecurities

I would manage all the strip clubs in each state
to teach men about self respect and patience
to control divorces

I would unite billionaires in each country
to volunteer in a local community center
to control greed

Or I would bargain with Google, Microsoft and others
to create a website called:
to control the economy

I would purchase every watches in my neighborhood
to learn to take time for myself
to control my smile;)

-- Louis Mercier

Friday, December 16, 2011

Billionaire Part 2

A rich billionaire minus the vent
I would ask millionaires to repent
We would join protesters in their tent

I would hire investigator with a red cent
To report promptly on where time went
I just celebrated 99 years without dent

A machine built with money well spent
To travel in my past and erase "I can't"
Revisited where I first payed $250 rent

I learned what "amore" really meant
A secret to carry to my grave never rant
Some things should not be traded for lent

Whispered gently while forward bent
"Love isn't blind I can see you" in a chant
To recall her wet hair perfume sent
I sealed a last kiss in the basement

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Billionaire Part 1

If I was a rich billionaire
Made fortunes in software
I would give my soul to care
Dye white and gold my hair
Be chained for people to stare
Raised global awareness so rare
For pollution killing polar bears
Help Yahoo! and Microsoft to pair
Any other companies who dare
In the advancement of us to share
For permanent happiness to wear

--Louis Mercier

Monday, December 12, 2011

Black Crow

Stars are wrapped with a silver bow
From the comfort of my bedroom window
Hugging tenderly a feathered pillow
The night illuminates pedestrians bellow
Symphony of yellow taxi cab moves slow
Global warming is on stage I am in front row
December 25th only cold winds blow
Emptiness in my gaze with the radio low
Hands in prayer as tears start to flow
With each passing shadow the pain grows
Looking beyond the city lights glow
Wish I could fly away like a black crow
Escaping Christmas without its white snow

-- Louis Mercier

PS: Recycle before the hammer meets your toe

Sunday, December 11, 2011

You Make Me Smile

Dedicated to the love of my life,

I tried to express myself in words 
Write from the very core of my heart
Poetry or a single musical verse
Feelings to show the entire Universe
How much you mean to me
How much you inspire me to be
How often you picked me up
How you cheered me to the top
Without you, by my side, dearest
My life would have been a soap balloon
Drifting endlessly towards the moon
Anticipating for my faith to pop soon
Because of you, I am a shining rock at noon
Solid from life's obstacles in the wind
Your praise I shall always sing

Dedicated to YOU

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sugar Not Sweet

In a love seat
An animal in heat
How very sweet
Sugar not wheat
In my plate to eat
An exquisite taste
That can't be beat
Sugar how neat
Hugs every teeth
Sugar not meat
To now compete
Before diabetes
Falls at my feet

Sugar to delete

-- Louis Mercier

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Louis Mercier

Dear friend,

From the casual humor sparkled in your last letter, I can see that you are keeping well. Therefore, I will spare us the usual boring small talk by avoiding asking how is your love life, your health or any updates on your business ventures.

Therefore, I will follow up by saying: "You shouldn't believe everything you hear or read about me in the media". My lovely wife and I sold our North Pole home before the recent market crash. We downsized our property several years ago due to the lack of Christmas spirit around the world. About the same time Apple's corporate shares started to rise and the media branded Mr. Job as the new Mr. Claus. Everyone looked more forward to see what he had to offer for Christmas.

To uncover the truth, we sold our Christmas business to a foreign investor on eBay. A guaranteed contract protecting its image, its values and the origin of the toy factory. He said: " South, North, East, West, mazal tov Central America, it's still "Made In America".

Please do take good care, my wife sends you the same warm regards in return. We are presently located in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti helping to spring back a vacation destination for the country. We look forward seeing your smile on the Island!

Best regards, to you and yours. Ho ho ho! Let's hope it's a good merry christmas and a happy new year, one without any tears.

PS: As for Rudolf, he went to Hollywood to produce a documentary regarding global warming in the North Pole and to raise donations for an AIDS foundations.

Keep the smile fresh, I am proud of you friend, do not break too many hearts.

-- Santa Claus

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Yesterday, we witnessed our very first snow flakes indicating that your presence is near.

Not to worry, I've been good. I haven't told the IRS where in China you've been importing your "Made in America toys". It's just a reminder note to let you know that I am still waiting on my gift from 2008. If my mailing request wasn't received, due to your foreclosure North Pole home and the hole in the ground in Afghanistan, here is my demand: 

"All I want for Christmas is... world peace."

Santa, if it's too much to ask, call me collect call for a second option. 

Please, give my regards with a warm kiss to Mme. Claus and a friendly Hi-5 to Rudolf for me. 

PS: Instead of cookies, this year, you'll find leftover spaghetti in the fridge. Enjoy yourself!

Big hug;)

-- Louis Mercier

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Am.

I am.

I am history
I am a dreamer
I am a visionary
I am the truth
I am real
I am the root

I am green
I am funny
I am yellow
I am sunny
I am mortal
I am faith
I am emotional
I am red
I am late
I am passionate
I am black
I am a penny
I am wealthy
I am caring
I am happy
I am free

I am blue
I am an investor
I am a risk taker

I am daring
I am messy
I am an artist
I am the question
I am a thinker
I am purple
I am healthy
I am a fighter

I am victory
I am a man
I am blessed
I am fearless
I am a leader
I am romantic
I am a soul healer

I am resilient
I am patient
I am sorry
I am not you
I am music
I am a believer
I am a lover
I am helpful

I am human
I am respectful
I am the way
I am peaceful

I am different

I am me.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Louis Mercier Apparel Contest

To all our reading fans all over the world!


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We look forward reading from you!

Best of luck!

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Love One

Dedicated to Poetree (life and poetry)

To love one is to love none
To love all is to fall for just one
'Cause love is what you see
Real love is what you feel
True love is just stubbornnesss
of the heart playing tricks with the mind.

-- Louis Mercier

PS: It's imperative to learn to love oneself 
       before your can share your love with someone else.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Seed Of Love

Dedicated to Lyons

A seed of love in a one night stand
From a baby fitted in my left hand
I've watched you grow up to be a man
From afar, you remain my rose's thorn
Like a cob missing his golden corn
A miracle rainbow after the vile storm
To lead us with a smile you were born

"Long live a good man" I shouted clear
love and be courageous show no fears
When life is too hard for you to steer
Close your eyes, exhale I will appear
To wipe away the painful misery tears
In the afterlife, by your side I'll be near

-- Louis Mercier

PS: Keep your spirit up, but keep your head down low.
'Cause lost coins are only found on the ground;)