Saturday, December 17, 2011

Billionaire Part 3

If I was a rich billionaire
I would buy all the bullets in the world
to control guns

I would shutdown the world wide web on weekends
advocate for families to spend quality time together
to control violence 

I would acquire every nuclear power in each country
point them back at their government
to control peace

I would deal with airline companies around the world
for humans to travel for free during the month of March
to control ignorance 

I would invest in every advertising firms in each city
to educate women on mental health
to control their insecurities

I would manage all the strip clubs in each state
to teach men about self respect and patience
to control divorces

I would unite billionaires in each country
to volunteer in a local community center
to control greed

Or I would bargain with Google, Microsoft and others
to create a website called:
to control the economy

I would purchase every watches in my neighborhood
to learn to take time for myself
to control my smile;)

-- Louis Mercier

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