Sunday, September 19, 2010

And I Thank You!

“You (my fans) didn't have to love me like you did
But you did, but you did. And I thank you...”

Look at me Ma, still young, still standing!

Nothing changed, I’m on Maine Street hustling

Four flat tires, yet my blue star keeps towering

Against all odds, hands in a fist, remain fighting

Years ago we deleted fun, inflexible communicating

On the door of righteousness, I stood knocking

Rebel without a pause, my soul started burning

Second love had me revolting, turned to moving

A boy to a man, I became, apartment hunting

Umbilical cord has then been refastened, hugs uniting

New friendship, relationship, to keep cherishing

Look over here Pa, still myself, still laughing

Nothing is different, I’m a soul man surviving

Mr. Murphy to Mr. Pryor, had me B&W dreaming

Tech. engineering turned to professional acting

Now cutting my gray hair, time I’ll be buying

Look no hands, from truck to train, I'll be driving

Day and night, night and day, still working

I’ve yet to see daylight, every hour yawning

Late in the game, my head still spinning

Credit cards, profits, investments, online banking

Keep focus, stay on the right track, I’m trying

Expand my knowledge, books I’m reading

No drugs, no alcohol, no white wings, still flying

For this family’s light to keep empowering

Hey Sis, look who’s still confused about your yelling

Nothing said for years, heart still remains cracking

Time did tell, helped me understand for our bad timing

“Hold on”, I asked, “we can make it”, a change is coming

Someone’s anxiety, insecurity & anger needed managing

In my world, my mood ring needed a financial planing

“Do you remember the time?” Mr. Jackson was still alive singing

We were young, heaven in your eyes, 5 am phoning

Purple towel, dark berries, almond milk, so kind so amazing

Time spent watching you watching me, breathtaking

I swear, in my sleep, I can still hear red ladybugs mating

“Moved on” “Pass go”, must have been me lying

Each new names brought me back to jail, restarting

Before my inside turned popsicle, Jimmy was out looking

Live and let live, forgive and forget, love is blinding

Anything was possible, in our past, true love is believing

Freedom from the gray window pain, we’ll all be praying

Hard to accept from a resilient stand, apart is liberating

‘Till then, for my Ms. Obama, my angles will be drafting

A Bro! Take a look at my new style afro growing

Something did changed, your bald spot is reappearing

“Amandla! Commercial revolution!”, I’ll be leading

“Media equals self destruction” “stop mind polluting!”

Before we see Armageddon, man made brain washing

A single click, eye blink, humankind will be dying

Over the rainbow, tomorrow, is where I’m heading

“Free at last, free at last!”, know what I’m saying

For now, on Wall Street where I’ll be succeeding

“We shall overcome”, there I’ll be softly whispering

“Save the planet, for dummies”, I’ll be writing

Too black, too strong, for this man to be hiding

For my peace of the mind, I’ll be forever blogging

For my piece of the pie, I’ll keep penny saving

For my smile to remain sparkling, I’ll keep *&^%$#@!;)

--Louis Mercier


Look, I’m proud of you son, you’re now graduating!

Look, daughter of mine, you’re a true life’s blessing

Look, sorry I’m late for church, wife, tears of joy I was crying

Look, I love you too cat, but you’ve got to stop licking

Look, with God’s touch, I’ve reached a 100 years breading

Look again, look, I’m still strong and still standing ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Miracle Tears

"From the corner of my left eye
A teardrop persists from a past cry
All glare at my tear, felt shy
Guess I am that type of a guy
Question marks on their faces walking by
A tear streak so visible I couldn't lie
Instead of being caged, elevated me so high
Laughter tears are a miracle, they don't die
Lingers on my face so sweet like an apple pie
Above any clouds in the sky
Each time, made me fly"

- Louis Mercier