Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Louis Mercier Apparel [LMA] Hangman

Bare Feet In The Bathroom

This morning I awake with Roberta Flack's music
Toothpaste in hand, my heart felt like cheap plastic
Seeing you dancing bare feet in the bathroom
There you once stood, illuminating joy in every room
Making love underneath the running orgasmic shower
As beautiful as white rose or an african violet flower
The walls of my mind echoed your youthful sweet gal
Clean are now my teeth, yet still missing its smile, you.

-- Louis Mercier

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Atomic Handshake

A second Prophet louder then a drill 
"Allah orders you not to mind kill"
Yet we butcher breast for a new thrill
As we swallow respect with a blue pill
Sin with me! Love me, is it God's will?
Control the weak with marketing skills
Profit by brandishing a power drill
Vegetarian selling faith on a meat grill
Native's sun can not be bought with alcohol
Yet education is the Internet's biggest deal
Learn to hate minus the student loan bill
Fighting non-freaks running down the hill
Recycle their O- cells to power windmill
Atomic handshake for a land peace deal
Koreans, North and South, to just chill
Qur'an and the Bible needs to just chill
Kangaroos in the alley have since chilled
For you, them and I to learn to just chill

-- Louis Mercier

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Teach a man how to sell coke
The justice system won't go broke

Teach his children on how to think
Dad will walk free before you blink

-- Louis Mercier