Sunday, May 19, 2013

Atomic Handshake

A second Prophet louder then a drill 
"Allah orders you not to mind kill"
Yet we butcher breast for a new thrill
As we swallow respect with a blue pill
Sin with me! Love me, is it God's will?
Control the weak with marketing skills
Profit by brandishing a power drill
Vegetarian selling faith on a meat grill
Native's sun can not be bought with alcohol
Yet education is the Internet's biggest deal
Learn to hate minus the student loan bill
Fighting non-freaks running down the hill
Recycle their O- cells to power windmill
Atomic handshake for a land peace deal
Koreans, North and South, to just chill
Qur'an and the Bible needs to just chill
Kangaroos in the alley have since chilled
For you, them and I to learn to just chill

-- Louis Mercier

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