Thursday, July 26, 2012

Love In Your Ear

On the count of three, open my eyes for you to appear
For too long I've waited to voice my love in your ear
To taste the beauty of your divine soul, I am here

Your tenderness is my pillar to avoid turning to my rear
On three, let us jump the broom of laughter for life to steer
To dive in your patience, my mind is baptize and stays clear
A privilege to be in your harms, I solemnly vow to stay near

One, two, three open my eyes and wipe away the tears
Come forward into the light to erase any relationship fear
Stronger we shall be, a faithful bound growing each year
To hold, to touch, to caress you with my mind my dear
Every breath in your presence will be love in first gear

On the count of three, my eyes opened, none to appear
"You can't command love" the wind whispered in my ear
"The life you will speak isn't the art you will live" he seer
"Stand still, listen to music for true zeal to say: I am here"  
I've since learned to toast the rhythm of Marley with a beer

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Left Right Left

"Old habits die hard"

Left, left, left. Left right left
A deaf drum major marching
"I will win" he keeps repeating
Hundred furious dogs in one
A forward motion in his zone
Left, left, left. Left right left
Greatest fight he now enters
Pointing blame is no shelter
As sure as victory will arise
He fights for life as a prize
Old ways we must all defeat
Left, left, left. Left right left
Burning all means of retreat
For every breath breathing
We are steps from winning
!@#$%^&* fear
My name is (your name), I'm here

-- Louis Mercier

Friday, July 13, 2012

Be The Leaf

I don't believe music played backward can solves God's riddle
I believe bad cable television is the root of dumb people

I don't believe in the hymn lyrics an organist plays
I believe a page of any book can keep ignorance at bay

I don't invest in Sunday's best as a source for enlightenment
I believe women's fashion magazine is a form of punishment

They don't believe in the gimmick saying "Beauty is skin deep"
You believe reading the bible is better then counting sheep

I don't believe in eternal burning fire or hell is a place
I believe it lives within us without a smile on our tired face

I don't think the eucharist alone can heal the world's pain
I believe our collective mind has the power to brake chains

I don't believe kings and Queens are heartless flying their jet
Be the leaf in a card's deck against Mega corporation's bet

I don't believe it is fair to call your thoughts garbage
I believe in nurturing positiveness  as a rite of passage

I never cared much for the red white and blue until I met you
I believe time did tell that true love is just colors minus the blues

-- Louis Mercier

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Salt & Pepper Recipe

Bon appétit!

1- You won't know your kitchen until you start cooking in it
2- You will never know her truth unless a spoon speaks
3- You will missed your sofa the day you start to sleep on it
4- Pray for her love to last once no change falls from your pocket
5- Clean the walls of your bathroom to mirror the wall of your soul
6- First, receive a stranger in your living room when you sense coldness
7- Know that the bedroom can showcase your mental illness
8- Cultivate a relationship with a broom is your road to happiness
9- Relearn patience to communicate like salt and pepper
10- Gain peace of mind as you drift with the sound of tap water

-- Louis Mercier

Monday, July 9, 2012

Russians Are Leaving

From Route 64 to Moscow, 200 mph, hear all of them running
West bound to St. Petersburg, nothing left behind worth caring
The last old woman is named Svetlana seen speed walking
Extra extra: a breaking news reports the Russians are leaving
Political corruption polluted the air almost cut their breathing

The media ridiculed a stranger with porn that this country was producing
He's ordered to be killed without a trial yet they fund adds against bullying
Live on air with a handwritten memo a journalist was reading
"We rather face our own President then this egocentric living"
"Daddy why are the Russians leaving?" a young girl was asking
They broke the code of lies while we were all sleeping
They found even the neighbor's grass had botox filling

Whomever said: "Offense was the best defense" was lying
He was found bed riding in an insane asylum, alone crying
Sveta's children knows that peace is the best offense worth applying
Every chess master knows patience is the best defense in winning
At dawn, the Russians had fled without even waving goodbye, santé!

-- Louis Mercier

Thursday, July 5, 2012