Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Step Forward

If a man's journey of a thousand miles begins with placing one single step forward, the next puzzling question a man must face is asking himself where should I place such a step? North, East, South, West? 

Yesterday, with a fist full of courage, I chose to take my journey's first step heading South to New York, New York. I went all over Manhattan, including the book store looking for inspiration. I became a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) member, then took a walk along Broadway street in search of a business opportunity. As I looked in people's blank faces walking by, I told myself : "If I can make it here, I'll make it anywhere". It's all up to me, New York, New York!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

All Eyez On * Me

I, Louis Mercier, often ask myself, how does a person travels from: 

Zero to insignificant
Insignificant to mediocre
Mediocre to ordinary
Ordinary to memorable 
Memorable to impressive
Impressive to special 
Special to unique
Unique to wonderful
Wonderful to great
Great to brilliant 
brilliant to fantastic 
Fantastic to amazing
Amazing to fabulous
Fabulous to magnificent
Magnificent to excellent
Excellent to outstanding 
Outstanding to extraordinary
Extraordinary to shining 
Shining to supreme
Supreme to phenomenal
Phenomenal to !@#$%^& awesome
!@#$%^& awesome to speechless
Speechless to breathtaking
Breathtaking to having a tear hanging from your left eye?

The answer is found in having the courage in placing a single step forward. My journey from zero to having a tear hanging from your left eye, started March 20 2008, and...

'Til I'm laid to rest
I, Louis Mercier, will hustle 'til my last breath 
Fulfill dreams
Cherish my faith in myself, family and friends
Remain focus, disciplined 
Count on my wisdom, passion and a prayer
Befriend my enemies in time management, procrastination, organization skills, etc.
Rise above inner fears 
Walk tall with the courage of a lion's soul
Move a crowd
Improve my health, finances, love and happiness
Seek humbleness through knowledge
Share a smile and my journey with the world

Buckle up, then, for the next three years 'til March 20 2012

All eyez on me, and my journey!