Friday, June 29, 2012

Against the Zephyr

"With or without you, life has been hell"
Written with feces on the walls of a cell
A prisoner kiss the bars of his mind jail

"Nothing but the best" once said Isabelle
Half sincere words thrown in a wishing well
Kissing the water reflection of her new shell
Freed from bittersweet unrequited spell

A young school girl in uniform has fell
Light as a ladybug pressing the door bell
Scribbling on the door of a boy name Mel
"Help me save us" a memo note to yell
"Your misery is a curse" can't you tell?
Honest words never been sent via e-mail
"My love transistor has triumph over Intel"
But, three kisses blown in a bottle sail
"Your anger, my dearest, I wish it well"
"Life is a giggle peeing against the zephyr", LOL

-- Louis Mercier

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Still Here

I dare time to dull my shine, still fighting
Whenever the wind blows, still standing
With life's obstacles, I'm still breathing
Each day a step forward, still craving
A fearless creative mind, Mom is praying
On top of the world, keep on dreaming
Guided by a guitar's note, still reaching
For a nickel in the hand, still learning
From my unorganized ways, still costing
To be young, black, gifted and free
I am still here, counting my blessings

-- Louis Mercier

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A View From The Rear

Magical blue butterfly kisses fills me up
I can hear your shy giggle mounted on top
Warm sweat tickles, hot love none stop
Soft bite on your dark rainbow lollipop
Orgasm mix with saliva to fill a cup

No matter how great the distance, dilemma or silence
One never forgets. Yup;)

-- Louis Mercier

Monday, June 18, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Choose You

I choose you in sickness and in health for your spirit in kindness
For your thick skin when rumors tries to make our heads spin
Lead with passion through sweat, blood & tears without ration
To conquer mind's defeat like a lion on a prowl for meat

Leap over inner fears with your sandals still at your feet
Live by the rhythm of your own heart beat without cheat sheet
To listen to sound of silence when the hour requires balance
We shall elevate global warming's heat united on a love seat

With this ring, I solemnly choose life for the aeonian joy she brings

-- Louis Mercier

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Before Night Falls

If you are:

A) My parents, press #1
B) My grand-parents, #2
C) A sibling, press #3
D) A friend press, #4
E) My agent press, #5
F) The IRS press, #6
G) The police press, #7
H) An Ex-lover, hang up!
I) A "special" call, Press #68

"Good morning! You have reached the voice mail activated by India, my executive assistant cell phone. Unfortunately, I am currently far away from the virtual desk for the next 72hrs. A well deserved time off to mastermind a plan and break free from the rodent circular race."

"In order words, before night falls, I'll be on a remote location staring back at the azure for an "I got it! moment". My autobiography in hand, listening to Bob Marley, while sipping water until the mosquitoes come biting.

"Your call is important and appreciated, please stay on the line, India will assist in transferring you to the right extension"

If you are:

A) #1, Hello Mommy, I took your advice and so far so good!

B) #2, Hello grand-Ma! No, I am not in jail and no I haven't started reading your Bible yet. PS: If you ever read about anyone being pregnant, no it's not from me.

C) #3, Bonjour ma Soeur! Must be nice, it's been a while since I last heard from you. I'll call you when I get back.

D) #4, Yes B!, you'll never guess who called Monday morning. Ciya!

E) #5, Sorry Mme, I can't come to the phone, tell production that I don't get out off bed for less then $23 millions transfer to my favorite charity account.

F) #6, Mr. IRS, Your check is in the mail.

G) #7 Mr. Officer, if you have found my man bag, you'll find a silver friendship ring in it. Now find me the woman it belong too and call me back A.S.A.P.!

H) ... (I thought you would never call, guess I was wrong.)

I) #68, "Ah Man!" Sorry I missed this call, I had to think, focus and innovate before It's too late. Do call back 4 times to activate India's private message box, then whisper softly all the sweet things that I am currently missing;)

-- Louis Mercier

Monday, June 4, 2012

Butterfly Stroke

"My name is Louis Mercier 
I'm a recovering workaholic"

Warning tingles in my left arm awoke
I'm too young and smart for a stroke
Enslaved to a walking cane ain't no joke
Already addicted to eyewear like Coke
For an overtime dollar I won't go broke
A precious life almost gone up in smoke
60 hours plus on my feet almost choke
"Am I impressing you?" a though to evoke
My Best friend forever send me a poke
The heart said: "sleep is chicken feed for yolk"

-- Louis Mercier