Saturday, December 24, 2011

Billionaire Part 4

If I was a rich billionaire I would print on a t-shirt:

"Does money + power = respect?"

The beginning,

"In this country, you gotta make the money first.
When you get the money, you get the power. 
When you get the power, you loose all touch with reality."

-- X

What if a rich politician, by the name of "X" had raped and killed a woman named "Y", and paid the justice system to receive a "Not guilty" verdict of all charges during his case deliberation. Is that power? 

The same politician, by the name of "X" who has enjoyed several additional years of corruptions and violent rape crimes is now dying of a strange illness, it has been reported through word of mouth that Mr. "X" couldn't find enough money and resources in this world to pay Doctor "Z" for the antidote, being the only person with knowledge to cure this strange illness. Is that power? 

On Mr. "X" death bed, he paid and sent three men to force doctor "Z" to come see him immediately in his master bedroom and said: "Doctor Z everything in life has a price, everything can be bought with the right price. How much will it take to hear the answer on why you didn't sell me the antidote for my illness?" Doctor Z replied, "No need to pay me for that answer, I will freely give you the antidote's formula if you give me the name of the woman you raped and killed seven years ago" Mr. "X" quickly interrupted while coughing his own blood and said "I have raped and killed many women, doctor, I don't have much time to live or to name several names. Give me a price, I will honor it".

Doctor Z quietly pulled a chair nearby and sat. "Mr. X, with due respect, I have all the time in the world to hear you name each woman's name because one of the women was my wife." A cold silence filled the room before Mr. X dyed of a hearth attach after realizing the effect of his actions. In his dying words Mr. X toke his last breath and say: "Why me?" 

The end.    

Have you been kind lately?

I look around through history, powerful men have lost touch with reality, the so called "Power" went to their head, inflating their ego that made them think and act like they were God. You can buy love or order to kill a man, is that respect? 

Ask any fallen dictators if all the money in the world could buy true love or could kill another nation. True power and respect comes from the unity of people with the kindness of the heart.

Again, have you been kind lately?

-- Louis Mercier

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