Sunday, January 1, 2012

Letter to Nelson Mandela

A Billionaire's Final Chapter, 

If I was a rich billionaire, I would take time to write to Nelson Mandela and say: 

"Dear Mr. Mandela, 

I, Louis Mercier, wish you a Happy New Year 2012, 

I am deeply sorry for the wait in receiving this letter, I cherish your patience. 
If you didn't know, I had to work very hard to make a billion dollars out of $0.69
I hope and pray that this letter finds you and your new wife very well.
Since time is of great issue, I write these words in order to uncover the truth behind the failed marriage with your second wife, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

Please be so kind to open my eyes and soul with the honest truth. You were able to overcome years of imprisonment to be elected as South Africa's president and erased its apartheid, yet your marriage to Winnie "Mother of the Nation" didn't stand a chance once you walked the path to freedom. What was it? Was it her cooking? Was it worse then Robben Island jail?

Was it Winnie's thirst for power and political mistakes along the way that closed your heart to her? 
Was she jealous and dissatisfied of her own work recognition while you we being held as a hero behind bars? 
Is it true that your enemies found a way to manipulate her mind with insecurities in hopes to destroy you and your love for her?

Regardless of the real reasons, I congratulate your lioness courage for your humanitarian social work and being able to move on in the arms of your third wife, Graça Machel. 

Take good care Mr. Mandela, wishing you great health and joy as you dance the night away with Mme. Machel

PS: Does love really conquer all, or is it just a marketing phrase for us to buy Chocolates and flowers on Valentine's day?

-- Louis Mercier

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