Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yours Sincerely,

I sat down to write something happy
Something very simple very ordinary
I held my breath to escape reality 
My right hand caressed my chin slowly
The left hand held the ink pen magically
A warm feeling consumed me heavenly
My dear Mama would be proud of me
I sat in my bedroom looking clumsy
What would I write? Sounds scary 
A letter? A picture? It must be poetry   
Must be something powerful, almighty
Going viral from here to Germany
To free every child’s dream in Haiti
Something for Lyons and Gregory
Something for the youth and Papy
To be cherished for all eternity
Extremely excited I saw it vividly
Something sweet, harder then candy
More valuable then a lucky penny
Something I would not feel sorry 
Simple yet bold, real yet visionary
To shy away the porn star industry
“No underline issue with women” my Lady
Cross your legs, I see your insecurity
Something huge to unite every country
To erase mortgage debt, misery and poverty 
Something that revolutionize humanity
Enemies unite under a single currency
To finally stop man made fear factory 
With peace sign embroidered on an army
I sat down to write something friendly
Closed my eyes and counted to three
I wrote: “Love life, unconditionnaly”
Yours sincerely,
-- Louis Mercier

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