Friday, February 15, 2013

Secret Ingredient

Pssssst! I swear it on my chest with an X
Lasagna monologue is seen on my text
I love cooked food more then I love sex
A carnivore who smiles & bites like T-Rex
I love it more then Ms. Shaniqua my ex
"No lingerie dear" more meat or I'm vex

Life have us all stiff like a piece of wood
I believe in music more then I need food
A Bob Marley's guitar riff  feels so good
Mr. Hathaway sings to change my mood
Lifted spiritually higher then I ever could

I'm addicted to foreign films but not to music
Dime the theatre lights and I'm a zombie freak
Films to bypass my own problems I would seek
To recite the lines of "400 Blows" like a Geek
I'm addicted to Mr. Truffaut 7 days of the week

If truth must be know, Ms. Shaniqua's Lasagna 
remains an oscar winning musical score to my belly
Pssssst! Don't let this secret leak

-- Louis Mercier

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