Sunday, May 23, 2010

When Eyes Meet

Good morning!

It has been a while since I last penned a new entry in the world wide web's blog. My deepest apology, since I never was too far or meant to stay away for so long. The soul of a lion was bent, never broken. Can't keep a lion down forever. I am pleased to break silence with a reflection on: "Love at first sight".

Do I believe the Montreal Canadian has a chance of dethroning the infamous Philadelphia Flyers? Yes! Go Habs Go!
Do I believe in the beginner's luck or the sun shall rise again tomorrow? Yes
Do I believe world peace is achievable in my life time or the next? Yes
Do I believe in "Love at first sight"? Hmmm!

During my absence from writing, while in transition from point Z to point A, S, H and back to A or just sitting down catching my breath, I found myself observing Torontonian's couples and fantasising on how they possibly met. Eharmony's picture? At work? Craig's List relationship column? At a house party? Or via a friend of a friend? "Was it love at first sight that drove them to be together?" I asked myself for each couple that held hands walking, shared a goodbye kiss on the train or argued in frustration over idiocy in the bus shelter.

There are millions of single people who will roam the street pavements this summer, when four eyes will meet will it be love at first sight? I sincerely believe in the power of the message that promptly is transmitted from the eyes to the brain upon meeting a possible mate. In micro seconds, the eyes registers the body type of our girl/boy friend to be. Height, shape, skin color, hair, eyes, lips, legs, breast and not to forget the famous derrière. If the brain has logged in the correct overall body type that we are accustom to prefer, due to our reproductive needs and sexual instinct, the eyes will continue its admiring gaze and keep dispatching with the brain by observing the body language in the given location, the style of clothing choice and their color arrangement, etc.

The myriad of positive response will trigger our brain's acquiescence, which will lead us on the path to physical attraction. Can this carnal admiration, from a distance, instantaneously become true love without any exchange of spoken words? No! I am sorry to say, in my precious book of life, there is no such thing as love at first sight. Then what is Love AKA "true love"?

... To be continued.

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