Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dearest Gmail

Dearest Gmail

Soft as milk and sophisticated as the internet galaxy

Your natural simplicity surpass your programming beauty
Do receive these last words composed in thin air binary
Blue folders in a corner of my mind narrate our story
They romanticize love in a unlimited Gigabytes memory

Picture us living in the comfort of great invented technology

Chatting from sunrise to sundown to feel you near me
Forever linked through push mail on a Curve BlackBerry
If truth be known, my interest for you grew from beta infancy
How I once dreamed of caressing your private inbox key

Total trust to navigate raw no fear of spam delivery

Drafting in the palm of our hands the name of our baby
My laptop labeled me naïve and swore it wasn't jealousy
Warning popped up: "Cherish the day 'till it's gone in jeopardy"
To have loved and lost is to never have touched a Qwerty

Gmail, your mind read: "Louis, I was meant to live free"

The mother board froze so did my heart it wasn't funny
Minutes passed, my mail returned to sender with no apology
"Were you leading me on?" My love was pure to last an eternity
Life without you is living without important yellow stars above me

Each breath of sorrows is like a world without electricity

I blamed myself, like Japan for its outdated nuclear energy
Whoever predicted the dot.com bust knew we were history
He probably said: "Save your patent before the tragedy"
What went wrong? I searched within the sent box repeatedly

Didn't I share everything in CC? I never held secrets in BCC

Maybe I could've corrected every typo I am forever sorry
Maybe you found the password to login my mental diary
My love and my faith was twice tested with sour Infidelity
Though I've leaned on Hotmail my Ex. for moral stability

I would never image leaving you for Yahoo mail's privacy

I've since pulled myself from the trash box like a foreign movie
Since our last e-mail I've achieved success on Youtube TV
Focused my thoughts on forgiveness, avoiding bitter synergy
I bought a house, a pet fish, with stock in Google company

I chose Haiti to call home instead of living in Hawaii

My license plate still reads Gmail on my sky blue Ferrari
I've also met someone who checks my spelling, completes me
The subject of my day and my night, she calls me sexy
She's fierce as water to eradicate women's hopeless misery

My smile is linked to her creative games, they are rather silly

If you happened to read this crucial letter to the end my Lady
Attached is a picture of my first born her name is Poetree
Don't hesitate to write me a reply before the turn of century
Hit send, let me know that you are still happy living free

-- Louis Mercier

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