Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gala Des PME De L'Ontario 2011

"Success is when your dreams put on work clothes."  -- Author Unknown

It was with honor, during a press release in Ottawa last Thursday, that I accepted the nomination for Soulion Entertainment. The entertainment company was presented with the Edmond Chevrier Award nomination for the Award Gala Des PME De L'Ontario 2011, taking place on Friday, September 23 2011.

As they say in Hollywood: "Being nominated for the Oscar always feels like actually winning". Even though it wasn't that kind of award, believe me, they are right;)

"Still, win or loose, I raise my glass of water to Soulion Entertainment, you are genuinely an AMAZING star that keeps surprising the living out of me. Bravo, keep chugging away!" -- Louis Mercier

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