Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Love Of My Life

Love has finally come at last
Mr. Eiffel will always have Paris
his devoted fidelity is for the Iron Lady
like Mr. Cronyn and Jessica Tandy
or a little boy sucking on a candy

A mother holding her new born baby
her affection is endless, can’t you tell?
Mr. Obama will always have Michelle 
Mr. Smith will always have Jada Pinkett
his white picket fence dream came true
with a tender smile the day she said “I do”

Just like toasted bagel needs cream 
Han Solo with his fair Princess Leia
like Dana and Mr. Reeves in the air
they are forever an inseparable pair
like Bonnie and Clyde gazing at stars
freedom from their prison cell bars

Butterfly kisses in pink glass jar
like Lennnon kissing Yoko Ono
just like Frida making love to Diego 
waiving at blue birds flying East
to meet Belle and the Beast
laughing over a royal feast
with Richard Burton, the sailor 
who married Elizabeth Taylor
sweeter then any ice cream parlor

-- Louis Mercier

PS: My love has finally come at last! 
World meet my new love, her name is India.
India is my new cell phone, my new back bone
She is named after Mr. Mohandas Gandhi
to always remind me to strive daily, 
rebel peacefully, and to love life fully.

PS: India will also remind me of... ;)

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