Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Solid As A Rock: Part 8

Good afternoon world!

Louis Mercier Apparel (LMA) has been moving forward steadily, 
we have now reached our next goal in starting a Market Research and Postcards Advertising for our fall 2011 line "Express Yourself".

When time permits, feel free to email us your feedback at

Example: I really enjoy the design (0ptional with a reason).

In exchange for your valued feedback for the design line Louis Mercier Apparel (LMA) will send you a postcard, if you desire one. In closing, I personally thank you kindly for your time and feedback!

We all look forward seeing you wearing and "Expressing Yourself" with the Louis Mercier Apparel brand in the near future!
LMA Vision Statement:

"We aim to unite the four corners of the universe
through the power of words, arts and technology"

LMA Mission Statement:

"To provide the universe with a simple platform 
for self expression, to be seen and be entertained."

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