Saturday, September 17, 2011

Solid As A Rock: Part 7

In all great journey travelled, there will be battles won and battles lost. 

I can officially say: Day # 10 and Day # 11 were the worst productive days since I started writing under the heading "Solid As A Rock".

Day # 10: Was spent helping a friend window shop for a laptop, we travelled every downtown electronic store looking for the best performing computer money could buy. I placed my priorities aside to help a friend. What are friends for;)

Day # 11: I went shopping for a special book as a gift, after finishing my work with a few paperwork assignment for the company. Knowledge is power, I pray that this book "Who moved my cheese?" written by Spencer Johnson, M.D. will touch someone in order for them to face life head on. 

Day # 12 - 13: Those two days will also be right off days, since they will be spent planning for the week to come. Best for me to take quality time and plan my week, then to run around accomplishing nothing. 

Crunch time is knocking at my front door and with each day that passes, the stress level rise X 3. I am truly grateful, my heart is still cool under such pressure. 

All eyes on me, I WILL NOT LOOSE any more battles! Just watch me;)

-- Louis Mercier

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