Sunday, July 17, 2011

Useless Heart - Part 3

My heart and I sat down and came to an agreement, I will allow him to break his long awaited silence, on July 15 2011 at 10:42PM. He will revisit his rainbow in order to place violet flowers at her feet this time.

My resilient useless heart would have a final chance to verbally say: "Life's hardship turn people into donkey sometimes, they become bitter, impatient, angry, frustrated, loud, verbally and physically abusive, pessimistic, perfectionist, selfish, (and God forbid) an insecure person. You can bring them in front of a mirror, but you can't force a donkey to look at what they've become. Guess, I was in love with love. I cared deeply for a former black stallion within, who's life experiences as turned a stallion into a donkey through time. No matter how hard you love this person and care for them, the power of love will never ever turn an ogre back into a princess. In order words a rock will remain a rock, they will regain their beautiful butterfly attributes only when the courage to look within for change arise. Blame it on me to have failed to notice that I was a resilient chaser of a mirage fleeting rainbow, no matter how hard, fast and persistent I ran to embrace it, it always was moving miles apart. I wish you well".

From our signed, sealed, delivered agreement, my useless heart is willing to fake it until he makes it. Stop looking back, stop hurting, stop waiting, move on until a new calling voice finds a deserving ugly old rock with princess qualities within;)

Until my last breath come, the search begins!

PS: A real ogre will say: "I can't believe the nerve of this man to have called me a donkey on his blog."

PS: A real princess within would have said: "Mirror mirror on the wall, from this day forward, help me see my true self."

-- Louis Mercier

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