Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big in Japan

All across their beautiful divine gracious land
“We love you” was once written on their sand
In the direction of their rising sun I always ran 
Since I befriended a pen I became big in Japan 

For appreciation, a surprised visit was in my plan
Until came Mother Nature with her wicked hands
As an earthquake she took away my reading fans
“Misery” should have been written on her dirty van

To this day, I constantly search to comprehend 
Why must the rumbling frustration from this woman
Seams to destroy everything from a loving man
Oprah Winfrey needs to come out from retirement

My fans needs to believe in faith like Mark Cuban
For their nation to rebuild, rise and unite once again
I folded a request posted note in a red bottle to send:

“Please, don’t wait for Lady Justice’s helping hand
She much rather hang the leader of the Taliban 
Cast a blind eye over the raping of Ms. Afghanistan
Bright lights are set on you to show us how to band 
Hate boarders need to fall like castles in the sand
Japan, if anyone could overcome, only you can!”
-- Louis Mercier
PS: I awake this morning to find that peace on earth was still missing. 
“Where are the KGB, NBC, FBI, ABC, IRS, CBC when you really need them?”
PS: Everlasting peace can only come “first” from within. 
What are you waiting for? Put away suffering and start loving!

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