Monday, July 11, 2011

The Most Precious Sound

Chapter forty-five

The most precious sound on Earth
Is the sound of a heart beat at birth
on the local news, before night falls,
A child is killed like a fly on the wall

Chapter forty-six

The second precious moment in life
Is a husband taking vows to honor his wife
For looking in the direction of Sir. Paul
He kicks her in the face like a soccer ball

Chapter forty-seven

The third precious event in my country 
Women marching for civil rights in unity
Then, they are disfigured to look like plastic doll
Call each other sluts for wearing the same clothes at the mall

Chapter forty-eight

The fourth most precious sound in the book of the world
The sounds of chapter forty-eight beginning with the words
"Peace on earth has finally come and is standing tall
Man and woman now shares the same washroom stall."

"Unite to conquer mental hatred within."

-- Louis Mercier

PS: When I think about it, my heart skips a beat to acknowledge how fast technology has evolved and not mankind. 
Cars will soon fly across the sky and the world nation's paranoia, fear boarders, egoism and racism will still remain.

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