Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nine Longevity Secrets Revealed

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According to Dan Buettner, author of Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones way.

A list to add better years to your life

1. Slow down : Work less, rest and take vacations. Relaxation is key, take time to relieve stress. Cut out noise and limit time spent with the television, computer or radio on.

2. Keep moving : Find ways to move naturally, such as walking, running, gardening. Identify activities you enjoy and make them a regular part of your day.

Find purpose : When you find your purpose, pursue it with passion. Write your own personal mission statement. Take up a new challenge like learning a language or an instrument.

Stop eating when you're 80% full : Reduce calorie consumption at dinner by 20 to 30%. Use smaller plates, bowls and glasses. Sit and eat your meals.

5. Dine on plants : Eat more veggies and less meat and processes foods. You don't need to become a vegetarian but increase your intake of fruits and veggies, beans, rice and tofu. Have a two-ounce handful of nuts daily.

Drink red wine : Do it consistently but in moderation. Two serving a day or less. The plant compounds found in red wine and the skin of dark grapes help reduce heart disease risk.

Join a group : Create a healthy social network. Identify your inner circle, ovoid ties with people who bring you down.

Feed your soul : Engage in spiritual activities. Deepen your existing spiritual commitment.

Love your tribe : Make family a high priority. Establish family walks and Sunday dinners. Create a place for family pictures and souvenirs that show how you're all connected.

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