Thursday, May 5, 2011

Color Your World

Imagine living in a color blind ad peaceful world
Unfolding bold marketing concept with profit goal
Albino children shouldn't be left lonely, bitter and cold
Where content of the mind is worth more then its mold
Melanin pigment of the skin won't really be an issue
Obsidian women in Africa would sell white ad tissue

Imagine fathers had said: "Baby, I really miss you!"
"More then morning dew, I love no other than you
Take my hand, let's walk under the sky blue
How fast? How far? How long? I don't have a clue"
"As long as I wake up each morning with you
Here's a tissue for the lonely tears stuck like glue
Forever, I still do, you are my one dream come true"

Imagine heaven suddenly calls to a secret plan
Before you could lose your cherry, time ends
"Ah man! I had p.y.t. in the palm of my hand"
Candle light dinner with Luther on track ten
Violets and cologne 'cause you're a gentleman
Lucinda smiles, shaped like an hour glass sand
Spanish Harlem heated kisses like no one can
Perfect timing for her favorite condom brand
"Aie Papi!", The ballad music is about to end
"Tómame ahora por favor", black out, just when...
Certainly, God must be a stand up comedian
At the gate, Molière wish to share his fountain pen
for Lucinda's lavender scented purple hair band
A white tissue is better suited for your amen groan
but no one here cares or could really understand

Imagine living life in every breath minus the weekday back pain
Multiplied by endless bliss, bountiful of joy flowing in your vain
Singing sweet nothing, while adding tap dancing in the poring rain
Divided from work and sleep can drive anyone literally insane
All we need to escape reality is a symphony from her sugar cane
A moment in time to pour sparkling champagne in a white tissue

-- Louis Mercier

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