Friday, March 18, 2011

Life In Every Breath

Four days before the planet Earth stands still

Sleepless thoughts pound my head like a drill

Stress is my shadow, follows like a bad tooth fill

Each steps remain stagnant like a farm’s windmill

“Free at last” lack focus, heavy on the treadmill

Three days before Death shakes to close the deal

My life in the limelights he swore to never steal

Help him in return find true love and marry Jill

Grateful to be alive, peace within too rooted to kill

Inner positive smile stronger than Amistad’s steel

Two days before the nation’s boarder becomes nil

Walk the streets without hate creeping at my heel

Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream vision becomes real

Soul of a lion carried me so far over life’s dreadful hill

Blessed to always have you, a family and a hot meal

One day, value investing yield will loose appeal

More precious then coal, gold or a one dollar bill

Your hand in mine can overcome an army’s seal

Stop substituting the sun with a blue vitamin pill

Life in every breath to cherish even after my will

PS: If there's one thing that I am proud of,

on this day, I finished this poem. Period;)

PS: Two days to go, gloves off!

fighting procrastination to the curb;)

--Louis Mercier

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