Saturday, March 19, 2011

All Eyez On * Me - Part 2

From the wises of them, they say

Rome was not built in a single day

12 hrs in my pocket all I have today

Wish I could pay for time to lay

Wish I had until next year in May

For a miracle by my side, I will pray

My heart to keep beating tick-tock

As my hands keep moving rock

To paddle under pressure like a duck

Every hour, minute, sec. on the clock

With or without a helping hand on dock

All eyes on me, win or loose, they will talk

Can’t say I don’t care or give a flying ****

Ready or not, I’m off the starting block

PS: Believe it's impossible, just watch me;)

PS: Three down- laundry, vacuum, pack vacation bag

and ten more to go;)

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