Friday, August 27, 2010

"Oh! Mon Commandant"

Sometimes, I sit and think in a chair
To myself I say, with a blank stare
"Mankind has made life unfair"
"Wake up world!" I often dare
War & hate lives in a deadly pair
love, respect & unity becomes rare
Do you even care?

On August 24 2010, 15:15
Why must the good die young?
The cancer was maybe too strong
A man's soul laughter I shall missed
A man's warm gaze I shall missed
A man's deep voice I shall missed
My own pet name "Oh! Commandant" will be missed
Mankind's pollution & stressful demands
Won a battle, with the departing of this fine spirit
But have yet to be called victorious in this war

Where ever you may be, Pepe, job well done!
May you rest in eternal peace!

PS: Keep the smile fresh!
PS: Keep shinning a light in order to improving our lives

One love ;)

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