Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23

You're beautiful, beautiful soul,
beautiful mind, beautiful spirit,
beautiful giggle, all that is true.

There must be an angel
With a smile on her face
When she thought up
that I should be with you,

However, it's time to face the truth
I will never be with you.

"I did my best
But I guess my best wasn't good enough
'Cause here we are back where we were before
Seems nothing ever changes
We're back to being strangers
Wondering if we oughta stay
Or head on out the door

Just once can't we figure out what we keep doing wrong
Why we never last for very long
What are we doing wrong
Just once can't we find a way to finally make it right
Make the magic last for more than just one night
If we could just get to it
I know we could break through it

I gave my all
But I think my all may have been too much
'Cause Lord knows we're not getting anywhere
Seems we're always blowing whatever we got going
And seems at times with all we've got
We haven't got a prayer

Just once I want to let go
Be happy and hope one day
understand why this magic never did last ;) "

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