Thursday, March 25, 2010

Until Luck Comes Around

Born from a little seed of love 
stronger than a diamond rock
where beauty and violence lay
where poor people smile to see the day
Haiti is my home, all I wish I had known
but in foreign land I have grown, in their streets I never roam
lived in school books, where I came the smartest 
among the hardest survival

I soon learned from television 
to believe in the impossible
except no defeat, surrender or retreat
so I'm struggling, fighting to live the possible 
hustling, praying and wondering, when will I fly? 
When will I touch the sky?
So I patiently wait, for that fateful day
it’s not far away, so for now I say:
"when I reach forty, I will be free
they’ll call me Louis Mercier
just like a waving freedom flag".

And then... I will stop to rest
while listening to Bill Withers ;)

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