Friday, December 9, 2016

Day # 1 of 23

Day # 1 

Journey from HERE to THERE, in 23 DAYS.

Today, I will be up for another late night, planing meetings to attend, phone calls to make and being fearless to move beyond "Go".

Much to accomplish with so little time, I am fine as long as I focus on "the accomplishing" part. What is to be mine, will be mine with proper time management and task management.

To do list:

  1. Video tape my first day
  2. Exercise in the AM
  3. Finish the social media blog links 
  4. Website meetings
  5. Production meeting
  6. TB visit for new account
  7. Pay bills to RB
  8. Research venue, promoters and festivals
  9. Follow up phone calls with artists
  10. Have fun!

Time, this ain't about you Vs. me.
I'm too busy for your head games ;)

Let's get this right!

-- Louis Mercier

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