Monday, April 21, 2014

Charcoal Snow Fall

Charcoal Snow Fall

Love ran down my spine to the tip of my fiery toe
I never dreamed of falling for March's Snow
Charcoal was always the center of my live show
I am an older car who've seen and done it all for sure
By the side of Liaison Rd. she came in to tow

Snow felt tepid in my hands from the word go
Was it for her piercing light brown eyes that glow?
Mesmerized I was by her kindness in front row
Was she flirting when she let her hair low?
Vulnerable I was when her tears started to flow

Electrified like the writing mind of Edger Allan Poe
"Be cool" was murmured to my heart, but my stare said "No"
Shyness had hit my demeanor from an icicle arrow
The weatherman predicts more of Snow, however only time will know

-- Louis Mercier

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