Friday, December 20, 2013

Cubicle Love

Cubicle Love

Mirror mirror mirror in the hall
Excuse me, mirror
Who is the most most most ambition
Of them all?
Who's picture should be hung
With merits on the vulva cafeteria wall?

It is yours Sir,
The longest working employee
Who pulled her ponytail with gall
The subject of every cigarette break call
Who kissed his office manager,
A curvaceous blue eyed Swedish doll,
In the men's bathroom stall
Before her name was summoned
over the office P.A. call
Mr. Stiff Upper Lip
Her husband didn't notice at all,
The cuckold president named Paul
Returning with stationery
From the shopping mall,
That you're responsible for the hickey
Placed on her hooded hot spot
Last fall
He could have sparked a work place brawl
Threaten 32 points demerit
to staff members for the culprit to fall
The tall answer is you Sir,
Well said mirror, mirror, mirror
Mirror mounted in the labia hall
Being an employee of the love cubicle
Sure is a brazilian carnival ball
Fit for the hardest missionary
of them all
Well said

-- Louis Mercier

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